Release! Metal and more metal!

Initially conceived by one of KDC’s subsidiary companies as a clamp to hold rocket thrusters on an asteroid mining spaceship, they never managed to secure the budget to design the REST of the spaceship.

But we realized that what they came up with could still be of some use…

It has all the standard TouchBound collar functions as well as neck animation (i didn’t plan to have one initially but it turned out that the collar is a little on the tall side). It’s the first product to use a “dual lock” system. Basically, it is fully compatible with standard TB locks and will use a little shroud and pin adapter to do so. Or you can use the (massive) new padlocks, but they will only work on TB products that have large metal flanges to accommodate them (which is only this collar at the moment).

And since it’s not christmas yet, i repackaged the anchor point and the leash handle for the TouchBound system in a FREE bundle! Check it out at the main KDC shop :).

As usual, you can check these products at KDC’s Main Shop, on the SecondLife Marketplace and on PrimBay

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