Patch round

I just released a patch that fix the following issues:

  • FIXED: RLV TPlure restriction not always clearing when a leash is removed.
  • CHANGE: Streamlined neck freezing code for the classic leather and heavy metal collar.
  • FIXED: Mitten-ed hands detection.
  • ADDED: Running animations are now checked/applied when sitting/standing (takes a couple of seconds to kick in)
  • CHANGE: Cleaned up the mouth opening code for gags, no more mouth flexing.

And here is a list of the products that have been updated:

  • Lined chrome collar.
  • Classic leather posture collar.
  • Classic leather wrist cuffs.
  • Lined chrome wrist/elbow/ankle cuffs & thighs bands.
  • Laminated wrist & ankle cuffs.
  • Stuffed ballgag.
  • PonyPlay bridle.
  • KDC/ER Chrome collar
  • KDC/ER Chrome wrist/ankle cuffs.

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