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More collar stuff.

Not much to say, I still haven’t decided on the hinge design.

Eevee makes metal surfaces look ridiculously fancy, it won’t look like that in the end, but it’s a nice visualisation still.

Scaling obsession

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while now, It is based on an old photo of a resin statue and I thought that the “bulk” of that collar & cuff set what just perfect, not stupidly large, while still giving a feeling that it is designed purely for security over comfort: What you could expect from a fantasy-world slave trader.

That being said, I only have two angles to work from, it took me several attempts to get the proportions of the object itself right, and even more time to try to match it to a body (size wise).

You can see on the last mockup, (made with prims) I still shrunk it down just a little more. This is probably the biggest collar I’ve ever attempted to make and I’m not comfortable with it.

A lot of mockup ideas in the past few days…

Prison cell idea

I’ve been in a “3D sketching” mood lately, so why not?

This is very small (~2.8×2.8m), and not even “furnished”… I have some ideas for an even smaller one.

I like the “bottom” slit for the door, but I have to figure out a hatch design that works for it… maybe something that slides up and down with some kind of extension rod: guards shouldn’t have to bend over to open it.

A new gag idea

This may (or may not) be my next project, but I wanted to get the concept out of my system.

Rigid metal gags are not really “new” anymore, but I had this idea in the back of my mind of using flat stock rather than the typical round stock.

The idea is that only one end actually requires locking. The other side is essentially stuck in the slots as long as the “bit” is in the closed position.

A few thoughts:

  • It’s gonna be VERY adjustable with this design.
  • I do want it to animate open & closed.
  • I will “probably” make interchangeable “bits” (haven’t decided how yet)
  • It’s deceptively simple… is it TOO simple?
  • Structurally those slotted bars look like they would be easy to bend and snap.
  • I don’t like how the “ball” gag looks really (too simple again).

Random weekend thing

Yes it is dynamic, and yes, the math involved wasn’t fun at all. 😛

I should probably wait for a wider adoption of “Bake on Mesh” before I actually go further than the “prototype stage” with this.

Almost done with the Tag Plates!

I’ve made two sets, one in English and one in Japanese.

  • Replaces (almost) any lock, doesn’t block the chain/unchain ability.
  • A “random” mode: Pick a random plate everytime.
  • Blank plate (which is also fullperm so you can make your own).
  • 17 different markings in each language (but they aren’t all the same).

There is also a ‘public’ mode, like on the time release padlocks.

I got a little carried away…

Fifteen very lewd japanese tags.

I should probably make english ones… any suggestions?

Better sculptmap and much improved texture!

I reworked my material for the plate from the ground up and I’m really pleased with the result.

I also had to do a pretty big cleanup on the sculpted prim because the UVs where all wobbly. In addition I also added a bit of “tilt” between the shackle and the plate, to make it look a little more natural.

The label is not properly centered, I know.

Sculpted prim-tag

I was really worried about how feasible this tag would be as a single sculpted prim (which is, unfortunately, still the current restriction of my lock system).

Main issues I had to deal with:

  1. This is essentially 3 (well 4)  separate parts that have to all be on the same sculpted prim.
  2. They include loops and curves (which eat a lot of vertices).
  3. I had to reserve as much of the sculpt-map as possible for the tag itself.

I’m really happy with the results: It does need a little touching-up here and there, but it degrades very well lod-wise.

Some kind of tag/plate

More attempts at procedural textures in Blender 2.8. The edges are supposed to have chisel/hammer marks all around and some darker colors. This is what I managed to do so far…

It’s also ment to become a sculpted prim, so that’s certainly going to be fun… especially the chain for that hole.

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