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The KDC Narrow Cell is out!

KDC Narrow Cell product picture

It took longer than I would like (I always say this…) but here it is, the KDC Narrow Cell is out!

Function wise it has the same features as the full-size variant but comes with one additional theme inspired by one of my favorite Japanese artists and two window variants (as well as a windowless version) If you aren’t familiar with it already I’d recommend checking out the manual.

I’ve priced it a little lower than the full-size cell because well… it IS smaller and I expect people won’t find as much use for it, unless you are specifically looking for something not much bigger than an utility closet, or to save space. Despite being smaller it doesn’t really use less LI when placed, I’m sorry about that but there isn’t anything I can do about it without butchering the LODs.

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main store (10% off and a live demo area) or on the SecondLife Marketplace.


Narrow cell floor, finishing touches

I’ve put some finishing touches to the narrow cell floor with a sort of “aged/security”  variant with Japanese markings (do not enter). Maybe a little “in your face” I guess. Almost everything is ready for release, hopefully, tomorrow if I can come up with a decent product picture.

KDC Prison cell update!

Prison cell update

I’m almost done with the narrow cell, so here is another prison cell update (for the full-size version) with some semi-important additions.

  • You can now configure one (or more) “master key” that can always remove the current lock on the cell door.
  • You can specify an exact range in meter for the RLV relay camera restriction option.
  • The automatic RLV camera range calculation uses the shortest cell dimension now rather than the largest.

Enjoy ^_^

Narrow cell variants

I made a few wall variants for the new narrow cell. Initially was going to go for the narrow window and windowless variant only, but I figured that a “basement window” version would also be nice.

And yes don’t worry you can hide the “bars” from the slit window. (I know it looks overkill but I figured I might as well have it)

I also made a better bar section next to the door than what I did in the previous pictures (which was temporary). Code changes are still not done, nor are the couple of custom floorings I want to add.

What do you guys think, is this worth a release?

Claustrophobia-Inducing accomodations?

I started working on an evil variation of the KDC prison cell, for overcrowded facilities, or those that really don’t deserve any privileges.

This little unit is going to be 2×3 meters with a little more than 1.5 meters of useable space inside. In fact, it is so small that it’s either floor mattress, or you have to install the toilets on the other wall if you want to put a normal bed inside it.

Pet muzzles update

Hey everyone it’s me again with yet another update ~

This fixes the texture issues on the Classic Pet Muzzle and the Classic Wire Muzzle, it also corrects a few minor code issues and adds specular color calculation to the HUD to improve the aspect of the metallic parts.

Lattice cage update… again?

I woke up today and realized that I messed up yesterday’s lattice cage update. I was so eager to get this out of the door that I forgot to do a full check of the code I’m using on the cells.

Today’s update:

  • RLV relay communication should be 1:1 to specifications now.
  • Added a prisoner list on the lock infobox menu.
  • Added a “no-build” RLV relay restriction (optional).
  • Added an RLV teleport configuration warning.

I wish to apologize to those that already updated yesterday >_<.

Lattice cage update!

I just released a small update for the KDC Lattice Cage!

I wouldn’t call it major but I believe it brings a few important changes & improvements:

  • Secure lock: Like the KDC Prison Cell, now you can restrict the locks that will work on the cage. Useful for private/semi-private spaces.
  • Master key: You can now define one or more LockID that will always be able to unlock the cage, useful for public spaces.
  • Instruction manual links.
  • More discrete configuration reload notification using the fade text of the cage rather than llOwnerSay messages.
  • Fixed an oddly worded locking message.
  • The chains drawn from the built-in anchor points can now be drawn in either order.
  • The door now has a proper offset collision mesh and doesn’t need a hidden “door” object anymore.
  • I removed the owner/group/all use restriction as the secure lock/master key make this feature completely redundant.

As usual, this is available through the lattice cage’s updater box (you still have to teleport to the store, I know).

The Manual will be updated shortly.

Sorry for the silence, and a brief report.

As you all probably noticed, I took a little break from work for the past few weeks. I’d like to think that it did me some good.

I’m preparing a few updates for existing products, I don’t want to go too much into details, but a handful of items need code updates to either finally make use of new SL features, correct issues, and/or improve existing behaviors.

The lattice cage for example is due for a small update to optimize its construction a little with an improved door mesh, fix some RLV-related problems, but also add a couple of owner features to integrate them better in existing playspaces.

It hasn’t gone amazingly well so far, I appear to have some sleep/concentration issues that are making these modifications harder than they should be. I will eventually get over it, as I always do. But well this is my little explanation, ie: “I have not left SL guys.”


Completely unrelated topic, I’m told gachapons (gachas) in SecondLife are going the way of the dodos and that is great news as far as I am concerned. I assume Linden Lab was held at proverbial gunpoint for that to happen. It is unfortunate that this staple of Japanese culture has to be completely banned, but it was completely out of control.

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