Lattice cage update!

I just released a small update for the KDC Lattice Cage!

I wouldn’t call it major but I believe it brings a few important changes & improvements:

  • Secure lock: Like the KDC Prison Cell, now you can restrict the locks that will work on the cage. Useful for private/semi-private spaces.
  • Master key: You can now define one or more LockID that will always be able to unlock the cage, useful for public spaces.
  • Instruction manual links.
  • More discrete configuration reload notification using the fade text of the cage rather than llOwnerSay messages.
  • Fixed an oddly worded locking message.
  • The chains drawn from the built-in anchor points can now be drawn in either order.
  • The door now has a proper offset collision mesh and doesn’t need a hidden “door” object anymore.
  • I removed the owner/group/all use restriction as the secure lock/master key make this feature completely redundant.

As usual, this is available through the lattice cage’s updater box (you still have to teleport to the store, I know).

The Manual will be updated shortly.

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