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Nipple shackle dilemma.

I had to widen the shackle gap to make it look right around a “standard” nipple (okay, whatever I had on hand really).

But I’m not really sure which version would be the best:

  • A The V shaped shackle.
  • B Straight shackle and wider 180° turn.
  • C Straight shackle with a “two step” 180° turn.

I’m not sure that the polling plugin works anymore but I’ll try to add one anyway, feel free to vote for more than one option.

Which nipple shackle design should I use?

  • B: Straight with a wide 180° turn. (52%, 23 Votes)
  • A: V-shaped. (25%, 11 Votes)
  • C. Straight with a "two step" 180° turn. (23%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

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Yes, I know the poll results don’t show, it’s a bug, but votes are still recorded.

There is also a poll on Patreon.

Leather & Spade crop update!

I just pushed out an update for the KDC Lady Eleanor Leather Crop and KDC Lady Eleanor Spade Crop.

The update corrects a few issues and brings some much needed improvements:

  • Code optimization.
  • Improved particle trails.
  • Hold animation auto-restart.
  • Randomized pitch on all sound effects.
  • Fix for a few issues when using both crops on th same avatar.
  • Improved crop holder fix for a rare “stuck” bug.
  • Slightly improved material aspect.

LockMeister support officially part of AVsitter2!

After much back and forth, various changes and improvements, the LockMeister plugin for AVsitter2 is now part of the official repository!

The final version includes a couple of optimisation improvements and support for sitter swapping.


The KDC 10gauge Nose Shackle is out!

I tend to say this everytime, but this took longer than expected. I ended up re-doing all the low LOD models yesterday and ended up shaving off ~1000 complexity, yay!

This design is based on the kind of shackle fastener used to mend steel chains together. Now available in silver plated, hardened steel wire.

Ideal if you want a fairly invasive looking nose piercing that just begs to be tugged on.

Enjoy your new life as a slave or human cattle 😛

  • Locks with the ring opening tool (provided) and support all the regular padlocks & accessories on the leashing ring.
  • Comes in 3 shackle length: normal, XL and XS.
  • The leashing feature also includes the (optional) “ow stop pulling me!” facial animation.
  • Piercing weights are included like with the other ring sets.

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main store, or the SecondLife Marketplace. Enjoy!

Alternate shackle sizes

I’ve finished debugging, testing, re-testing, re-debugging, and so on. This is as good as it is going to get code-wise.

So here are more pictures:

  1. On top of the “light” version (cannot be padlocked or chained) I’ve added two variants with a shorter and longer shackle (called XS and XL) to offer more adjustment flexibility.
  2. I haven’t really shown a good shot of what the captive ring indents ended up looking like, pretty crisp for what it is.
  3. XL + a tag plate, and while they are smaller than on other items, it’s still ridiculously cumbersome. I guess it works if you don’t plan on having a formal diner that day.

(But you don’t, since you eat your food from a bowl on the floor, right? :P)

Update on the nose shackle and code review.

I am more or less done with the nose shackle code, so I figured I would give a long hard look at some of the TouchBound core code to see what could potentially be improved.

I have found a handful of small little issues that I’m going to correct, I know this is probably not something anyone cares about, but here is what I’ve found and fixed:

  • Some of my timer threads would end timer processing before other threads had a chance to run, this causes the animation watchdog to stop running during a suspension.
  • Lock “pins” wouldn’t reset to hidden on script reset.
  • Some messages still used llInstantMessage rather than llRegionSayTo (causing some delay).
  • I MIGHT have greatly improved memory & script time of the animation watchdog.
  • I removed some message arguments I don’t use anymore.
  • I was accidentally loading some lists in the module script that… aren’t actually used there.
  • A few functions were passing sounds around that are already the default one.

I’m tempted to merge all of this into the master branch right now but I’m afraid of introducing bugs -_-.

In world test already!

The ring weld ended up barely visible, but  I might be able to accentuate it some more. All the models are hand LODed: 1018 complexity so far.

My friend Noshi posed for that picture, since he has the better nose 😛

Important hotfix for the nose & nipple rings

Somehow I managed to push the last major update without stumbling on this one…

This update corrects and important bug that prevents removing time-release padlocks when their time has run out!

(This bug ONLY applies to time-release padlocks!)

A new week, a new project.

Finally creating something new for the TouchBound piercing line. It’s an idea I’ve had in my sketchbook for a while now.

The idea is that it uses a “triple” piercing (nostril, septum, nostril) and is secured by some kind of “reverse captive bead” system, with small rings on either side of the nose, gripping into the main bar.

It took a few iterations to come up with a “captive ring” design that works (the nose being in the way).

There is also a modeling accident on the loose ring that looks a bit like a welding mark, I’m probably going to keep it.

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