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Almost done with the main rig?

I hope so, I wasn’t planning on working today because my back hurts so much I suspect I caught some weird illness over the weekend.

But it’s 5AM and I’ve done some good progress.

The skirt is an absolute mess to rig and I don’t think I can just “stop” it from clipping…

It’s a dress, it’s gonna happen, and I am NOT making a dress with bento bones, no thank you.

Shoin uniform upper body skinned!

Or rigged, since it’s SecondLife and we have to misuse technical terms 😛

It has almost been 3 days now, I get the feeling that this could possibly be my best rigging attempt. I trashed the lower body stuff again since I’m focusing on two bones at a time. I think I’ve done a competent job at the neck and shoulders at this point. It’s not perfect yet (can it ever be?) and I can probably improve it.

I’m thinking I might tackle the skirt at this point. I will probably “hard skin” the belt because I don’t like the idea of it deforming too much.

Rig preparation and skinning

I spent a couple of days trying to cleanup the avatar 2.0 devkits into something “unified” with reasonable precision.

It’s not that I need it for this specific project but it bothered me that things might not be as accurate as they could be on the wrists.

I don’t like showing horribly broken weight paints so these pictures will do.

Short sleeve lowpoly again and textures!

I didn’t like the original short sleeves so I just remodeled them entirely, again. Much better now. I also rendered the textures for the white/summer variations.

The lighting seem a little harsh and excessive, I can fix that later.

Some short sleeve Lowpoly model… stuff.

The right side looks all right I think. The left side looks… wrong. I don’t know I think it has a polygon density issue among other things.

Welcome back old friend

Yes, I’m trying to get back to work on “this”.

Today: The summer variation with short sleeves. Looks like it might just work and won’t need a complete remodel.

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