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Ankle boot texturing almost finished!

A brief gallery of the progress over the last two days. On the last picture I also adjusted the velcro straps to have longer ends.

Progress on the ankle boots

I did some rebuilding in order to insert the side panels and the reenforcement strips around the grommets, I also added those and a lacing mockup.

The velcro straps are also 50% wider (I still have to redo those proper, these are also just mockups) and I added a small trim under the ankle padding.

Throwing things around

I’ve done some progress on my game project, for anyone interested. It mostly involves throwing toolboxes at other people’s faces.

New ankle boots started

That was a long break, I know, but I needed some rest.

And now for something completely different 🙂

This is a first draft of the design, I like what I’m seeing but I suspect that It isn’t going to stay as is.

Shrine completed!

Warning: Cats might have taken over.


A little thing I”ve been making for the region. Not quite finished yet.

The shoin school uniform has demos now.

Both in the main store and on the marketplace. I did that quickly today because some people with system avatars where interested. I figured having demos wouldn’t hurt.

I’ve also fixed the demos for the Warden straitjacket and Ayumi boots so they aren’t time limited anymore (they still have limitations mind you). Sorry about that, I didn’t really think this through when I made them, I just wanted to be done.

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