I think I’m done at this point.

I think I’m done at this point.

I don’t think I can get the skirt weighting to blend better… I essentially have to choose between uncovering the legs even more in extreme poses or making the skirt center blend better, and I can’t have both. I’ll probably fiddle with it some more however.

Regardless, I got all the chest sizes ready and I tweaked the material a little more to get a cleaner shading. I also got the shirt sleeves rigged… it’s not 100% perfect but at least nothing is clipping out anymore. I also got the fitmesh settings for the butt.

I won’t do the belly fitmesh, sorry, it’s going into the belt territory and I don’t want this area to deform horribly.

So what is left… get some advice from friends, upload all the final meshs and setup lods. And write a couple of auto hide scripts for the body.

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