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Merry X-mas everyone!

I will be spending some time with my family and taking a little break over the festivities.

I will STILL be available for support if needed once I’m back tomorrow (evening).

Have a great time all of you and see you soon 🙂

Quick inworld rigging test!

As I write this blog post I realize that I’ve rigged it on the wrong skeleton, good job me!

I can’t see any issues (beside the piss poor rigging) so it is all good.

Drive-by baking

Quick update for today, test renders at final resolution. Look good 😀 (Some parts missing yeah.)

Stitch all the things!

It doesn’t add much, but it adds something still. I’ve matched them the best i could between the tied and untied versions so they should swap cleanly between each others.

Hopefully some of it will show in the final textures.

Chat conditioner update!

The chat conditioner has been updated with 3 new features:

  • Miniscript: When you believe that whispers aren’t quiet enough, this will reformat the wearer’s chat to use nearly unreadable minuscule letters.
  • Max word count: You can now limit the number of words per chat line.
  • Radio output: Failures to follow the imposed limits can now be directed to a radio channel, it will send a message understood by the KDC shock collar.

Strap all the things?!

Those are the strap segments for the “untied” looks of the various bits and bobs. I also finished the end of the left sleeve so it can have a friction buckle (the right side will have the strap part).

Now the low polygon model is 99% complete, the only remaining part is the arm connecting strap, I reserved a bit of texture space for it and I’ll make it once I get the folded version of the arms final.

Next steps:

  1. Make the materials.
  2. Make a semi final “test” texture set, to double-check that I haven’t messed up anything with my UVs).
  3. Rigging (first pass at least).

Buckles, straps, …

Friction buckles low-poly mesh is done, it looks.. okay I guess, from afar. I’ve also unrolled the crotch strap so I can bake it with minimal lighting artefacts, which should, in theory, allow me to use it on a flexi prim when untied.

Also realized that I forgot working on the buckle locking mechanism…

I hate myself sometimes.

Most of the UVs done!

So I’ve finished the second sleeve creasing today and I think I’ll be able to share texture between the different strap, that’s the good thing.

The bad thing is that I’ve forgotten to secure some UV space (again) for the “buckled” straps. So I’m not out of the sand yet.

Face slapper hotfix

There was a little issue where the emote text would delay the slapping animation.

Get your V2 copy from the updater today!

Quick update on the arms

I’ll get more done later but I need to “gather some feedback” first. I’ve sculpted the arm a little more and to give it more definition.

I really like how the elbow “cap” bends (#4), that’s the best part so far.

I’ve tried different approaches for the inside but I’m not 100% satisfied. #5/6 doesn’t collapse at all but it looks weird and deform way too much.

#4 I tried to hard weight the inside and I like how it bends but it starts poking out at extreme range, that’s not great.

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