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More unwrapping and delicious early bake

So my grand plan for texture recycling ended up not really working that well, so I will do some regular diffuse baking instead.

Now as you can see that’s some seriously compact UVmapping :P, save for that empty bit in the top. Don’t you worry there will be stuff in there eventually.

I haven’t unwrapped those back straps yet because I really want to use the same texture for the tied/untied versions (and even the same texture for all four straps) and that will require some planning.

But the rest looks okay, save for the glitches which will obviously be fixed.

Now I really have to finish those sleeves…


You daily dose of low polygon mush

Alright, most of the gaps are now closed, I even capped the openings. I also finished the “buckled” version of the straps. This is hovering around 6000+ triangles. It’s not making me happy but I needed the strap geometry to be “texture recycling friendly”. You can’t have it both ways I suppose.

The sleeves are still on symmetry, and I need to make the low poly version of the buckles (this is going to suck).

Some more cleanup might be required before I can call this good.

Refining garbage

It’s getting there, I’m making a bunch of mistakes that I thought I wasn’t gonna be making anymore… like NOT COMPLETING THE MODEL before going into detailing and optimization.

Oh well, what’s done is done.

Left upper back is just a clusterfuck that I’ll probably end up trashing.

Blocked out the arm so I could work on the hands and then I’ll fumble something together something for the elbows. The shoulders should work okay with this geometry I hope.

Jacket low poly, first pass

Since texturing is a bit pointless if I can’t test the baking quality, I’ve started the low polygon model. It’s really rough in places and not all that great in general. I initially started in mirror mode, but because all the creasing was done out if symmetry mode, there is not much point in doing that.

Initially I tried to follow the main peaks and valleys of the creases, but I ended up switching to “peaks only” to keep the polygon density low. You can see in picture 2 and 3 the “improvements” in the topology (yeaaah… not there yet)

Oh yeah I also added the mandatory collar trim.

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