Heavy metal

While i do like the musical genre in general, this has nothing to do with electric guitar solos and long hairs:)

I started working on a new set of cuffs with more of a “solid” dungeon vibe to it. I’m going for a heavy metal look. Possibly steel or aluminum? I haven’t decided yet. The big straight shackle padlock is there for size reference, but I might use it too.

Actually I’m starting to wonder if this lock isn’t a little big, maybe i got all my proportions wrong 😀

One Response to “Heavy metal”

  • Matteste Elton:

    Looks good so far to me. Kinda reminds me of those rigged mesh cuffs that Kat Fetisov (Kcreations) made during April.

    Also on an unrelated note, I find it kinda amusing that the song I had running in the background when I read this was “Heavy Day”(http://youtu.be/FWni08pkd30). Guess heavy metal fits to heavy metal.

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