Update on the posture collar

I got around working some more on the posture collar, mostly on the strap work really, it’s a little bulky. I decided on an “over under” style where the collar meet at the back but, I’m not so sure about the angled sides, they make it MUCH easier to fit to the avatar neck, but I’m afraid that it might look… weird for a posture collar, all the cylinder type posture collars that I found have parallel sides.

The buckle and straps are “standard sized” the same size that was used on the bridle because I wanted to reuse the locking buckles I made for it, is that too

I’m not sure on the detailing, I like a simple and no-nonsense look, but should I add side rings and/or a back ring? (the latter might be as easy as slipping a D-ring in the same leather loop as the strap retainer.

I thought of a way to have a name”tag” on the collar but there isn’t enough room anywhere to make it look right.

(The flat version in the pictures show a possible rivet placement.)

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  • sara hayes:

    I like the tapered sides it gives it a more natural look,
    the straps do look bulky but not overly so, maybe they blend
    in more with some textures on.

    Dont like side rings, RL posture collars dont usually have them,
    but it would be nice to have option of side rings or name plate or none.

    A texture set to match your latex would be good.

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