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New project: Leather cuffs

Now that we have a fancy leather posture collar, wouldn’t it be nice to have a matching set of soft leather cuffs? I’m going heavy on the padding for this design, not only because i like my cuffs comfy, but it also makes the process of adjusting to your avatar much simpler.

I’m reusing the same strap size, hardware and general proportions that I used on the bridle and on the posture collar, easier to match it all.

For those interested, here is the recorded session on

The stuffed ballgag is finally up to date

I just released a big patch for the stuffed ballgag, there isn’t many changes in term of useability, excepted that you can change the colors even if it’s locked now (That should help you Tia :p) and that it’s now running the latest code base, which means it will be updated with the rest, when I make general improvements to the system.

More patching :)

I just pushed an update for the chastity belt, and the nipple piercings.

Quick patch

I just updated all the ankle cuffs and the elbow cuffs to the latest code revision.

KDC Science & Sorcery

sciencesorcerylogoThis is a little minecraft modpack that I pieced together over the course of a few months, tonight I finally got around packaging it and putting it on the Technic platform.

It’s not too bloated (I tried to keep “novelty” mods to a minimum) with sort of a loose “science versus magic” theme and a bit more survival than you would normally see on minecraft. There is a few slight configuration tweaks regarding ore generation, temperature effects on armors and a few other things. Also the presence of the “sync” mod allow you to clone yourself to cheat death, even in hardcore mode. While this potentially makes the game much easier, it doesn’t come for free and survival in the nether is much more difficult.

The science side is focused around Universal electricity compatible mods while the magic side is supported by ArsMagica2, Thaumcraft4 and Mystcraft.

If you play minecraft and have the Technic launcher, why don’t you give it a try?

KDC Classic leather posture collar, new release!


If you want to get it you now have 3 options:


RLV Activator update

The RLV activator was pretty much the oldest pieces of software in the TouchBound system and hadn’t been changed since the first release.

tbHUDThe “2.0” replacement now sit on the HUD and is designed to blend into the viewer3 interface.
It does the same RLV detection functions as the original with a big bonus: It doesn’t need to self lock like the old one used to.
As an added bonus, clicking the “TouchBound” button open a menu that allow you to quickly access the documentation wiki, but also to select a “presentation pose”.
Presentation poses are high priority full avatar animations that allow you to momentarily stop your avatar from moving to ease the clicking of attachments. The animations are simple, unobstructive and stop as soon as you try to move. The Activator HUD also allow you to drop-in your own animations.

I have several bug fixes to release for most of the TouchBound products, so the next updates will progressively include the new Activator HUD.

Scripting done.

I just uploaded all the textures and finished the scripting for the new posture collar, including the coloring HUD code. Almost done!

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