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Happy holidays to everyone!

I wish you all happy holidays/festivities/whatever

Also I would like to point out that since one of my domain names expired 6 days ago (and I forgot to renew it) I am currently not receiving emails. I’m sorry if anyone tried to get some support request through, I will take care of them as soon as this situation is resolved.

New collar in the making!

I started working on a new leather restrains set, the first part being a nice posture collar, since I haven’t found any in SL that I really liked.

The chrome lined thigh bands are released!


“Finally!” Some might say. Not only do they have a slightly anatomic shape (they should fit MUCH better than a plain ring around the SL avatar legs, they also give a couple of interesting extra bondage animations and make a nice complement to the chastity belt.

As usual, you can get them directly from the KDC main shop or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


Another sneaky little update

I shouldn’t have updated the wrist cuffs yesterday there was still some things missing, so here is ANOTHER update to the wrist cuffs.

Update for the chastity belt & ankle cuffs

I just released a patch for the chastity belt and all the ankle cuffs, it fix an animation naming error and adds a new kneeling animation! It also has some preliminary work for the thigh bands.


Apologies and a little sitrep

I’m sorry for the lack of update for the past week(s), I spent a lot of time on a personal non SL related project and I got a bit obsessed with it. I will share more information on it when I have something good to show.

Also I’m back working on the thighs cuffs and should have them out soon.

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