Bridle bit straps almost done.

After a few morning scares ( my modeling tool would crash upon rendering ) I rebuilt the lever strap (there was a restriction I completely forgot about yesterday) and the chin strap. Added some rivets here and there, buckles and this is where I am.

I’m not entirely sure about this “doubled up” strap style that I used for the chin and lever straps. I think it looks alright but i don’t know…

I think I’m gonna make a more “meaty” buckle for the thin straps, the regular one (scaled down) looks a little flimsy.

I’m going to let this one rest for today and see if I can collect some feedback and comments about it, but otherwise, it’s pretty much ready for texturing.

I might remove the holes in the rubber mouthpiece and the matching indentations in the shanks. As it is now, they are more an annoyance than anything and won’t be visible in the final version anyway.

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  • Kassandra Pixelmaid:

    I really love the design, it looks almost perfect! The “doubled up” strap style looks great on the lever straps, but for the chin strap a design similar to the neck strap would look slightly better, if you ask me. But to say the truth, if it takes more time to finish the bridle bit if you change the design, just leave it as it is. I just can’t wait until I can buy the finished product. 😉

  • Yeah i don’t really like the chin strap as it is either, i will rebuild it. As i said the small buckles jsut look stupid, I think that I need smaller buckles, but with the same metal thickness as the large one.

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