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It’s time to vote!

I added a small voting plugin, so visitors can now tell me what they think that I should do next.

The Latex RevoSuit is out!

Nearly two months of work are coming to completion, i hereby present you the KDC Latex RevoSuit. Featuring a new and improved latex material, detailed seams (like real latex catsuits) creasing at the joints and a bunch of Zip options.

As I said before, it comes in 3 packaging styles:

  • Basic – the money saver: This low price pack comes with a fixed setup, front to back discrete zipper, all layers, in a color of your choice.
  • Premium – something extra: This pack has all the options, breast zips, discrete or metal, and the 3 entry methods (front to back, back to front and shoulder entry)
  • Complete – the whole regalia: This pack is for the collector, it has everything in every colors and you save more than 25% on individual purchases.

To celebrate this release, I priced down several of my latex products:

  1. Basic Latex Catsuit: 200L$ off.
  2. Basic transparent catsuits: 200L$ off.
  3. Kriss Kross suit: 200L$ off.
  4. Seamed Catsuit: 300L$ off.

The Basic selection is available from all my satellite vendors and my SL Marketplace shop, if you want to check out the premium and complete editions, you have to go check my in world shop in dead realm, and maybe you will find other goodies that suit your taste.

Website performances

I’ve spent a couple of hours cleaning up my plugins usage and configuring my web server for maximum caching ability.
This allowed me to move from a “D” grade on the YSlow benchmark to a “B” grade. I’m pretty happy with it, it looks like I can’t really do better unless i start using a Content Delivery Network. Which won’t happen because of the price, and because I’m allergic to cloud computing.

Apologies for the delay on the new catsuits.

I’m sorry to everyone waiting for the new catsuits. I know, the weeks are slowly piling up and beside the face slapper that I made for valentine day,still no catsuits. To explain why it’s taking so long I’m going to sum up, point by point:

The catsuit textures have several options beyond the usual color choice:

  • 14 colors like all the KDC latex.
  • You can choose if you want metallic looking zips or more discrete plastic ones that closely match the latex color.
  • You can choose between 3 “entry” styles for the main zip: front to back, back to front, and shoulder entry.
  • You can have it with or without breast zips.

That’s a grand total of 270 textures total that I had to make, which took the bulk of the time.

Now I thought I was done, basically last Thursday, but now I also have to make all the layers in SL, by color that’s a total of 72 clothing “pieces” for each color, for a total of 1008. Since I can’t really automate this, that’s 1008 garments I have to edit, put textures in and save, not only is it absolutely mind numbing, but I have to double-check I didn’t make any errors.

I’m not even sure how I’m going to package this in a clean and easy way for you all.

I was thinking that I could release the suits in 3 formats:

  • Basic: Contain a single set of options, most likely Front to back, non metallic, no breast zips.
  • Deluxe: Contains everything for a given color.
  • Complete: Contains everything colors, every variations.

I’m open to suggestions, please tell me what you want, I hope this gave everyone an insight in what I have been going through 🙂

A slapping happy valentine everyone!

The KDC face slapper is out, this is KDC’s very own twisted gift for your valentine, if you are into BDSM, or simply enjoy a little spice, this toy is made for you!

It is very simple to use but has a couple of really nice features:

  • Independent left and right cheek, simply click the one you want to warm up.
  • Custom slapping sounds! Made completely in-house these sound effects are sharp and different from any freebies out there.
  • The Script simulates the cheeks reddening, a single slap won’t really leave a mark, but several will make the cheek redden much faster and will remain red for a little while.
  • Animations and frown! Each cheek has its own head tilt to simulate the blow and your avatar will make a little face between humiliation, anger and (a little bit of) pain.
  • Blacklist! Some joker found your slapper and decided to use and abuse of it? You can edit the included Notecard, add his name to the list and be at peace.
  • Low impact scripts!

It uses the special KDC unpacker box, which means you can buy it for someone else, simply pass the box to your significant other, the product itself is no transfer, but as long as the box remain packed, you can pass it around.

Available from the Main KDC shop, right at the entrance, from any of the satellite vendors, and from the Secondlife Marketplace.

Almost done with new catsuits.

I’ve been working on a re-edition of the basic latex catsuit, it will feature a lot of things that makes it more realistic in my opinion:

  1. Slightly improved latex fabric with more subtle shadowing this time.
  2. Latex gluing seams and marks.
  3. Discrete creases in the fabric.
  4. Different zipper styles, Front to back, back to front, and shoulder entry.
  5. Choice between color matching zips or metallic.
  6. Optional vertical breast zippers.

I’m also planning on making a variation with seams in a different pattern and with diagonal breast zippers. And maybe a nice selection of hoods.

I’m currently doing rendering of the different colors, save for a little setback last night where windows decided to reboot for an update, in the middle of my work.

Stay tuned, it won’t be much longer.

Kyrah Abattoir
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Seasoned 3D artist and programmer, aspiring video game creator.

February 2012