A slapping happy valentine everyone!

The KDC face slapper is out, this is KDC’s very own twisted gift for your valentine, if you are into BDSM, or simply enjoy a little spice, this toy is made for you!

It is very simple to use but has a couple of really nice features:

  • Independent left and right cheek, simply click the one you want to warm up.
  • Custom slapping sounds! Made completely in-house these sound effects are sharp and different from any freebies out there.
  • The Script simulates the cheeks reddening, a single slap won’t really leave a mark, but several will make the cheek redden much faster and will remain red for a little while.
  • Animations and frown! Each cheek has its own head tilt to simulate the blow and your avatar will make a little face between humiliation, anger and (a little bit of) pain.
  • Blacklist! Some joker found your slapper and decided to use and abuse of it? You can edit the included Notecard, add his name to the list and be at peace.
  • Low impact scripts!

It uses the special KDC unpacker box, which means you can buy it for someone else, simply pass the box to your significant other, the product itself is no transfer, but as long as the box remain packed, you can pass it around.

Available from the Main KDC shop, right at the entrance, from any of the satellite vendors, and from the Secondlife Marketplace.

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Kyrah Abattoir
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