Apologies for the delay on the new catsuits.

Apologies for the delay on the new catsuits.

I’m sorry to everyone waiting for the new catsuits. I know, the weeks are slowly piling up and beside the face slapper that I made for valentine day,still no catsuits. To explain why it’s taking so long I’m going to sum up, point by point:

The catsuit textures have several options beyond the usual color choice:

  • 14 colors like all the KDC latex.
  • You can choose if you want metallic looking zips or more discrete plastic ones that closely match the latex color.
  • You can choose between 3 “entry” styles for the main zip: front to back, back to front, and shoulder entry.
  • You can have it with or without breast zips.

That’s a grand total of 270 textures total that I had to make, which took the bulk of the time.

Now I thought I was done, basically last Thursday, but now I also have to make all the layers in SL, by color that’s a total of 72 clothing “pieces” for each color, for a total of 1008. Since I can’t really automate this, that’s 1008 garments I have to edit, put textures in and save, not only is it absolutely mind numbing, but I have to double-check I didn’t make any errors.

I’m not even sure how I’m going to package this in a clean and easy way for you all.

I was thinking that I could release the suits in 3 formats:

  • Basic: Contain a single set of options, most likely Front to back, non metallic, no breast zips.
  • Deluxe: Contains everything for a given color.
  • Complete: Contains everything colors, every variations.

I’m open to suggestions, please tell me what you want, I hope this gave everyone an insight in what I have been going through 🙂

One Response to “Apologies for the delay on the new catsuits.”

  • Kassandra Pixelmaid:

    Hello Kyrah,

    first I’ve got to admit that I can’t wait for those catsuits to be released. I love the idea with the different zips, breast zip option and “entry” styles.
    You wanted suggestions? I think you’ve pretty much covered all eventualities with the three release formats you’ve planned. Personally I’d go for the Deluxe version in a few of my fav colors, or maybe even the Complete release, but the way you’re planning to release the new catsuits everybody should be able to get what she wants.


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