The Latex RevoSuit is out!

Nearly two months of work are coming to completion, i hereby present you the KDC Latex RevoSuit. Featuring a new and improved latex material, detailed seams (like real latex catsuits) creasing at the joints and a bunch of Zip options.

As I said before, it comes in 3 packaging styles:

  • Basic – the money saver: This low price pack comes with a fixed setup, front to back discrete zipper, all layers, in a color of your choice.
  • Premium – something extra: This pack has all the options, breast zips, discrete or metal, and the 3 entry methods (front to back, back to front and shoulder entry)
  • Complete – the whole regalia: This pack is for the collector, it has everything in every colors and you save more than 25% on individual purchases.

To celebrate this release, I priced down several of my latex products:

  1. Basic Latex Catsuit: 200L$ off.
  2. Basic transparent catsuits: 200L$ off.
  3. Kriss Kross suit: 200L$ off.
  4. Seamed Catsuit: 300L$ off.

The Basic selection is available from all my satellite vendors and my SL Marketplace shop, if you want to check out the premium and complete editions, you have to go check my in world shop in dead realm, and maybe you will find other goodies that suit your taste.

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