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My new SL Female mesh is up for grab

I just finished my new SL avatar mesh (not based on Ruth this time). It is now all cleaned up, quadified (so it can be meshsmoothed) and all the UVs have been assembled on a single 2×2 layout so you can do renders in a single pass.

You are free to use it , it should import just fine, but to be sure you might want to check that the scene is setup in meters.


The art of wasting time.

I’ve put the coding on the side for a bit. Since Monday I’ve been working on cleaning up my latex production chain. The main reason being that I would like to return to clothes production. I’m especially subject to burnout, so being able to switch to another project for a while would be beneficial.

Monday and Tuesday have been pretty full, but i kept scraping over and over my cleanup attempts on the SL avatar model I’m using. So that’s two days wasted at starting over and over.

For years I’ve been using a ruth shape to do ray tracing. Obviously you can already see a problem there.:I do not look like Ruth, and neither does most SL users. Because of this, I’m now building my toolchain around my own SL shape and skin. This way, what I see in my preview window will actually match what I will get.

It is now Wednesday evening and the different 3D models are ready for work. I still need to do a few tweaks on the “detail” model and finish converting the workspace to metric values, instead of “made up on the spot”.

I would love to include a few screenshots, but there really isn’t much to show.

The future of LockMeister

I started the new year by putting the groundwork necessary to update the LockMeister protocol.

For years now, the system relied on a simple ping/pong message to recover the key if the chain anchoring point. LSL Scripts now allow scripters to call pretty much every prim changing commands from the root prim of an object, making the need for child scripts mostly obsolete.

Unfortunately, chat commands are not part of those, to this day, we still cannot send a chat command from the root prim and have it look like it’s coming from one of the child prims and Linden Labs doesn’t appear to be interested at all by this idea. Because of this, a change in the lockmeister protocol is required so content creators can avoid using a slave script to relay LockMeister pong messages.

I am currently writing the new example scripts, the LockMeister protocol V2 will be structured in such a way that it piggyback on the original system and will be able to work with V1 and V2 objects regardless.

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