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Festivities and the aftermath.

I want to apologise to everyone, I completely forgot to wish you happy holidays, but I was caught up in the preparation of my “Xmas family trip” from 23 to 26. And I came back with the flu (thank you for the gift, whoever you where but it really wasn’t necessary!)

I am now trying to recover, in order to be somewhat fit for new year eve.

String cable fixture and ring staples

More pictures, please tell me what you think, I kinda like the idea of 3 rings on each side but I’m also a bit worried that it might look too “heavy” but on the other hand I really want to have at LEAST two rings at the top of the hips.

I still have to do the secondary shield before settling for a final look so please tell me what you think before it’s too late :).

Some progress!

Last night was surprisingly very hm… fruitful, i scraped the original mockup and ended up with a better result on my second attempt, keyhole, black lining, i even started working on the hasp system for the main lock.

This belt will use a ‘thong style’ rear, in the form of a plastic coated wire. I know a lot of you would prefer a single metal band going from back to front but this create just too much trouble for fitting it to avatars after.

I initially wanted to use a specialised lock but decided against it to make it more compatible with my system, and for the same reason, no shackle shroud on the padlock.

I am now pondering about how to attach the wire at the back of the belt and how many chaining rings it will have. I haven’t worked on the parts that aren’t symmetric yet, the little riveted plate will only protrude on the right  since it’s the connector piece that close the belt, i will also have to cut the belt on the right of the center piece to make a proper seam.

Lastly, I need to think about how to fit the secondary shield in there and an eventual dildo attachment 🙂

New Chastity belt W.I.P.



Just a preliminary draft 🙂

Some draft work done on the Interaction system

Rather than “chore system” I’m calling it “interaction system” as it is much more broad that just being about chores.

I wrote about 2-3 pages about the different communication messages and solved a few issues in the design i had in mind. It’s not complete yet, but it’s much clearer than when it was floating in my head.

I’m still tempted to work on a chastity belt instead, it should be pretty fun to model.

The KDC Winter holiday sale is here!

To end 2012 in a bang, I’m doing a big store wide “price adjustment” if you will 🙂
A lot of products have been priced down, click the “more” button to get a full list!

Time to fill your Xmas wishlist 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Not a lot going on :)

The past week was pretty uneventful, I accidentally burned myself with cooking oil and wrote a “class” for an SL/LSL project. Christmas is approaching, I will probably get one or two special things ready by then 🙂

And here are the two last pony bits

I’m done (for now) I promise, those are the last two remaining bits in the serie. The western bit is huge, so huge i actually included a neck “up” pose to prevent it from poking through the avatar’s chest.

To be worn with, or without posture collar 🙂

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And a last round of bits before the weekend!

This has been a very “loaded” week when it comes to KDC products. I wonder if small numerous releases are better than large ones.

Hell I’m actually going to make a poll about this, and let the “voice of the people” tell me what it thinks!

As before, 3 more bits in various styles, enjoy 🙂

Third batch is out, 3 more pony bits.

3 more designs out, the Liverpool with a spoon mouthpiece, the 4rings english style with a jointed mouthpiece and the classic look but with a straight metal mouthpiece.

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