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A little something

Coming very soon 🙂

NameTag world in progress

I decided to start working on a small project this week which is proving to be surprisingly difficult. It doesn’t look like much but there is a lot of math and code involved to get all the letter spaces right and the text centered. It work but is limited to 8 characters (the greatest amount of faces you can have on a single text mesh). Now come the difficult part, my goal is to be able to use up to 32 characters on a single line. It’s a little overkill, but that’s the maximum length for the name of an avatar. That mean that I need to figure out how to lay my text across 4 of those textmeshs and place them automatically to make a single, seamless line of text.

I also want the text to auto scale based on its total length and have two lines. The face of the plate has a very nice normal mapp “frosted” effect. The face and the trim can even be tinted independently.

It’s deceptively simple, right?  🙂

I caught the C++ fever again.

I finally managed to write my own little voxel system on Torque3D. The code is extremely crude and pretty much unusable for anything but this specific example. This does give me a better understanding of how to write into a vertex buffer to create a 3D model “on the fly” based on dynamic parameters.


Design troubles

That’s where I realize that boots are definitely not my area of expertise. I’ve done nothing the past few days but tweaking the shape of the mockup model and I’m still not fully satisfied. by it.

More patching :)

I just pushed an update for the chastity belt, and the nipple piercings.

I wish you all the best for 2014


I hope everyone had a good time for new year eve, I only came back the 3rd and am still “recovering” from 4 days of excess. As soon as I feel better it’s back to work, I promise!

So many things to do, so little time…

Apologies and a little sitrep

I’m sorry for the lack of update for the past week(s), I spent a lot of time on a personal non SL related project and I got a bit obsessed with it. I will share more information on it when I have something good to show.

Also I’m back working on the thighs cuffs and should have them out soon.

Elbow cuff flood

I just wanted to apologize to those who might have received constant elbow cuffs updates, I made a typo when setting the “current” version number for them, and as a result, the system was considering current cuffs to be outdated.

Little status update for the week

I haven’t done much when it comes to SL this week, but i was busy with various things: Turning my home server in an openCL calculator, fixing a wordpress update gone wrong, doing some “serious” paperwork on the game i would like to create. And a few other tidbits.

Coding on the weekend?

So yeah… apparently my weekend is so dull that I resort to work to spice it up. Just kidding, i usually love doing what i do.

It’s still work though.

I’m pretty much done with the base bit code, it now detect if the bridle is attached and automatically display the lever straps. This means the bit is effectively a standalone item, you don’t have the bridle, it’s not going to look funky.

I corrected a nasty bug in the touchbound base system which prevented objects to detect sensing points that cannot receive chains, so i will probably end up updating every products once this is done. It’s not a showstopper but it creates an undesired behavior.

For some reason, the bit shank mesh i uploaded was 2000 triangles and, as I discovered today, had an extra hidden “side”, i also completely forgot to optimize it. So i did just that, 900 triangles now and a single side. It also looks a little sharper.

All that remains to do is the customisation HUD, lots of  (texture) uploading, and some tweaking to the garble code to make it more “bit” like, and less “ball” like.

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