Cell door progress!

Cell door progress woo!

I’ve now gone through round after round after round of texture tests.

There is a limited amount of detail I can add on such a large piece without blowing the texture budget and it also had to be tintable.

…Or at least tint-friendly?

I’ve added a bunch of little normal mapped details here and there:

  • Rivets on the front and back.
  • Friction reduction rails on the window shutter path.
  • Ribs on the shutter itself.
  • Grip-style latch on the shutter handle.
  • Indentations on the door edge where the deadbolts retract.
  • Dishing on the backside of the shutter… because why not.
  • You can also pick between glass or bars on the window opening.

Furthermore, the actual texture is “light” enough to be color matched with the cell framing beams and can support a fairly wide range of colors through tinting.

In all honesty, I’m probably forgetting some things, I always do 😛

2 Responses to “Cell door progress!”

  • Svart Kjeller:

    This will add to roleplay in Second Life. Any thoughts on the comfort for the potential inmates?

  • Comfort? :3 What do you mean?

    More seriously, I’m still debating on what to add “out of the box”, and which elements to lock behind the KDC experience (only way I know to safely prevent sit-teleport and it seem suitable for a prison cell).
    Out of the box it seem pretty barren and I’m hesitating whether I should bundle some furnitures with it, but that’s more work and it might start to push the price up a bit too much.
    I’m also not sure this will sell well, if at all. Seem a bit perillous to commit more and more time on this project before I even get any feedback.

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