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More code

I managed to come up with a new way to drive the animation slowdown code that makes it pretty much butter smooth. I might add a “hopping” feature where you have to mash the movement key to hop around on top of simply “hobbled” walking types (those might not be in right when i release the update, depending how difficult the animations get).

I really want to get this stuff out soon and get back on working on the bridle.

So close…

More animations

A few more pictures for those who care following this blog, a few more animations remade, the wrist to nipple anims will allow more clearance for larger breasts.

Animation work and Direct Delivery

I finished transferring all my products to the direct delivery system. I’m not gonna comment much about it, lets say I’m getting tired of linden labs pushing new, generally unwanted features to the marketplace and leaving it up to the merchants to adapt. I had to convert 223 products and I’m sure there are merchants with 10 time this amount.

On the upside I’m pretty much done rebuilding the TouchBound core, the code appears to be fairly solid and Lockmeister V2 compatible, so I will start pushing out the updates very soon, once I’m done improving the base animations.

These will replace the old ones, i think they are generally less intrusive and look better, especially the “hands in back” one.

KDC made it to the SL Destination guide!

Like latex? KDC is a unique and moody adult-themed shop where you will find unique designs to fulfill your fantasies.

It turns out I finally made it to the Second Life destination guide, Now, KDC isn’t exactly in one of the major sections, considering i can’t access it from the viewer “Destination” page or from the login screen, but i guess it’s a start.

I Really doubt that they will give me a spot on the viewer’s first page anytime soon, but at least now they recognize that KDC exists, that’s a good thing right?

It’s time to vote!

I added a small voting plugin, so visitors can now tell me what they think that I should do next.

Back from USA

I just came back from a 2 week trip in the United States which started in New York city and then continued in Houston, I have seen many interesting things there and met with some of the greatest people I met in SL, lets just say we had a great time together.

Sadly, I couldn’t finish the pet mittens before leaving, it took longer than I expected. Even if there isn’t much left to do ,it’s still a lot of code to test and ship. I’m still jet lagged, the return trip took more than 18 hours between trains, metro and planes. I still need to deal with a few RL things. Once this is settled, I will get back into gear and make some more cool things.

See 🙂 not dead!

Doing things

Today i did some more work on my latex tool set, the plan is to have a latex texture pack for the Institutional Straitjacket before the end of the week. I solved the main problem i had with the latex materials, mainly that i had to use a different reflection environment for the black latex because the details where not coming out properly.

I also added some color changing automation, so now I can make a complete set of colors in a single operation. This way I can do the final rendering at night and use the remaining time to… get more work done.

I also tweaked a bit some of the colors that where saturating a little too much, it shouldn’t different enough to cause color mismatch in outfits.

New theme

That’s right I’m actually trying to put together something original after all this time using the stock WordPress theme.

Feel free to share your opinion, but don’t be too harsh, I’m absolutely pathetic at html/css .

Just a quick snap of the “in progress” Dungeon

First 35 minutes in Portal Two, in HD 1080p

Do not watch if you don’t want to be spoiled about the beginning of the game! Otherwise, enjoy 🙂

up to 1080p !!!

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