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Friendlist cleanup

As much as I hate doing this, I’ve done a cleanup pass on my friend list. And while I removed a lot of inactive people, it looks just as full. I hope no one will take it personally and will simply IM me back if they got caught in the purge.

Happy birthday me

Yep, today, 33 years on this god forsaken planet 🙂

Some (mild) celebration is in order I suppose.

Change of plans

I’m putting the maid dress to rest for a couple of days. Someone requested an extra color for the pony bridle and bits: cyan, so that’s what I’ve been doing today, a lot of textures to render.


I took a couple of days to try to really get into blender. While I’m fairly proficient with 3D Studio Max, i don’t think it’s where the future is. While max has a wide array of plugins available, they are almost all made by for profit entities, add to this that Blender has a much better file format support and has always been the tool set of choice for SecondLife ( all the way back to sculpted prims, then meshs, then rigged meshs and now fitted meshs), you can see why I’m interested by it.

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Blender is kind of a strange beast, getting used to its control scheme is quite difficult when coming from something more “Standard”. But the tools are not very different from Max really. But unlike Max where hotkeys are there but optional, on Blender it’s almost a requirement to know a good amount of them, while most of the hotkeys have their UI equivalent, it’s not true for everything (that or i haven’t found them yet).

The new Blender rendering engine take a lot of time getting used to it. The results are very pleasant and realistic even with just a sun light and a basic sky but the tools available are… strange to say the least, and I’m not talking about the “noodle” interface, that’s not the issue. Some materials turn out to be extremely difficult to produce and what should be a very simple thing turns out to be not so simple to produce. I get the feeling that on Cycles, material creation is very close to what shader programming would be.

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Ironically I have yet to touch the “old” rendering engine which might be more appropriate after all, it’s just the old reflex scanline < mental ray that you tend to have in Max.

I don’t think I can just move to Blender “like that”, I’m gonna need a lot of practice to get comfortable with it.

And happy birthday Kyrah

Real life birthday, 10 April, woohoo one more year!

…I’ll have pizza tonight to celebrate this non event 😀

Long silence

I’m sorry for the lack of news, i tried to relax the past week, but i think i still need a couple more days before i am fully “recharged”.

I believe the next project will be a new gas mask 🙂

Code update

I’ve done a bit of debugging on the TouchBound system, I believe that I managed to fix the bug that caused chains to lose their target on relogging. Thanks Darien for the little tip.

I will make a general update soon-ish once it is ready.

I’m pretty happy, this was an unexpected breakthrough.

Happy new year!

I wish everyone in SecondLife, every gamers, game developers and content creators a happy new year!

Festivities and the aftermath.

I want to apologise to everyone, I completely forgot to wish you happy holidays, but I was caught up in the preparation of my “Xmas family trip” from 23 to 26. And I came back with the flu (thank you for the gift, whoever you where but it really wasn’t necessary!)

I am now trying to recover, in order to be somewhat fit for new year eve.

Some draft work done on the Interaction system

Rather than “chore system” I’m calling it “interaction system” as it is much more broad that just being about chores.

I wrote about 2-3 pages about the different communication messages and solved a few issues in the design i had in mind. It’s not complete yet, but it’s much clearer than when it was floating in my head.

I’m still tempted to work on a chastity belt instead, it should be pretty fun to model.

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