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New hood project!

“Two hood projects in a row Kyrah? Really?”

Yes really!

I wasn’t 100% sure about it initially, but it has been growing on me.

So what is this about? I’m not sure about what the final name is going to be, but the idea is to make a “pig” hood. By that I don’t mean a mask with a snout and everything, I mean one of those hoods that have one single, large opening for the nose and mouth. I guess it’s a bit of a cat burglar style too… worth keeping that in mind.

Also, the variant with the mouth covered but nose exposed is just too cute to pass.

I’ve done a few attempts at the eye shape, the almond-type looked good, but it is a bit overdone, so I’m trying something else instead.

Hood progress #2

Here is another hood progress update! There was another delay.

I’ve finished the geometry for good! Now comes the painful, task of combining all the textures into one he-he. I don’t remember how I dealt with ambient occlusion errors on the Malefica hood, but I made it on a previous Blender version and things have changed a bit since.

The second image is to help me draw some of the masking areas I need, but also to add some burned in details in the base texture, still working on that. It will be really subtle tho.

I wasn’t entirely sure about those connector “points” on the temples, but they don’t look too bad crunched down into a normal map. It fill the space.

You can also see the new forehead piece, it has some “vent” looking things too.

Hood progress

Not a lot to show for on the new hood, again. I’m sorry, it’s hot and there are a bunch of things going on.

I’ve reshaped the lips on my normal source to get something a bit more feminine (looks less like some retro/cybermen mask, which is good).

Ended up with lens-style eyepieces, that also look okay in open mode. Could be a bit bigger maybe?

I want to reshape the forehead bit to look more like an independent panel rather than something continuous. Not sure what to put on the temples themselves, however…


I’m in the middle of a server upgrade, so things are going to be a bit iffy on the website until I’m finished with this huge waste of time.

Cyber hood project

I’ve started some a new cyber hood project. It is heavily inspired by a Shodan cosplay that I liked a lot.

It appears to have some potential, I’m just not sure about the eye area yet. Having eye openings seem like it would make the most sense, and would also look a bit more lively than if I make it fully enclosed.

No mouth opening tho, and that is fine.

Most of the details are currently using floating geometry (even the MOUTH!). I need to practice and get better at this, it makes normal map detailing so much quicker.

The forehead need a lot of work, it would look a lot better with visible “plate” seams, but I have to keep it a latex hood. The uncovered “sides” also need to be fleshed out with surface details.

A very late update

Sorry for the lack of update, last week was a little rough on me. I am currently helping a relative moving to a new apartment, and I guess it was a little too much for me.

I have not made much progress since last time but made a bunch of LOD models as the automatically generated ones did not satisfy me.

Furthermore, I still have not figured out a good way to differentiate the rubber and metal ball-gag, surface wise.

metal gag textures and models more or less complete.

So that’s 4 mouthpieces for the metal gag, with 5 texture sets (the ball gag version has a metal and a rubber version).

My VR equipment was sent on RMA so no VRChat this weekend, which means I’ll probably try to get more work done… and more sleep.

I need to finalize the textures (a couple of final touches, watermarks and other checks) and make proper LODs for the gag pieces that need them.

And finally… whatever code is needed to get this to all work properly. It’s getting there!

Metal gag in-world test!

Here is a progress update on the metal gag. Well, I say progress, but I didn’t get a lot done, unfortunately.

I had some UVs to correct after packing some parts to their final texture size & ratio. I also wasted a bunch of time trying to understand why my renders were too dark, checking my render settings, color management, one thing after another… until I realized that my scene lights weren’t around the object. Good job Kyrah.

The mouth plate could have more color variations and the wear is a little too even to my taste… I’m still working on that.

Metal gag texture tests

Other than the metal gag texture tests, I only have boring things to show today. Mostly unwrapping the models that I have finished so far.

I ended up with a weird normal mapping error on the second picture, I’m not sure what triggered it, but I managed to fix it… somehow.

The UV packing isn’t final, these big empty space won’t be in the final version.

Ball gag refinements, PBR and more!

I’ve made what I believe is a “more realistic” version of the ball gag mouthpiece than the original “Toothchipper3000”. I think it has more character like this. I’ve also done more low-poly work on the versions I hadn’t completed yet.

Not only that, but I spent a bit of time in the GLTF PBR (which stands for Physically Based Rendering) viewer beta. To keep it brief, Linden Lab is currently in the process of adding a new type of material in SL that is more in line with current industry standard used in Blender and game engines like Unity & Unreal.

Not only that but it appears that they are finally ditching the legacy rendering mode and materials will be enabled by default. For what I can see “old” materials will coexist just fine with the new ones, and they are improving how textures are handled in memory, since PBR materials have extra texture data for metalness and roughness.

You can see a quick preview of the improvements when rendering things like latex, leather and metallic surfaces.

Steel gag low-poly work

Another update on the steel gag! I’ve moved on to modeling the low-poly version of the parts I’ve completed so far. So that’s the neck bar and two of the mouthpieces.

I’ve gotten a bit of feedback on the other mouthpieces and the big steel ball might be a bit overkill… Therefore, I’m probably going to re-design it with some sort of rubber insert to make it a bit less harsh looking.

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