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Low-polygon goodness.

You all know how this goes by now, takes the high-poly and patiently remodels over it something a lot more optimized 😛

4040 triangles so far.

That’s a little heavy considering all the things that I have yet to add. I’ll give those looped ends a second pass once I have everything else, and be a little more aggressive on those curves.

High-poly ballgag complete!

Or well, high-poly ballgag “complete enough” that I feel comfortable enough moving towards the next step: the low-poly version.

And yes, I did try to integrate a nose hook but it did not work as I hoped. Ryo gave me an idea for a different approach that would probably work better, so I’ll give it a try later.

I think the improvements to my leather backing, while subtle, look pretty good. Hopefully, it will look just as good on the low-poly model.

The ballgag high-poly model is almost there.

I’m almost finished with a rough unwrapping of the ballgag high-poly model, just enough to be able to map the important textures that I’m going to need (mainly the leather grain and the masks for the stitching, holes, and grommets). Once I’m done with that, it should be good enough to move on to the low-polygon model.

I did try to make grommets but I’m going to use my normal method for baking those into the normal map instead. It doesn’t look right.

There is one thing that still bothers me: The straps feel a little “thin”, and that’s despite the fact they have all the right measurements. It might be nothing, ore maybe that’s something I can cheat a bit on the low-poly model.

I like my leatherwork to be just a little chunkier than it would realistically be.

Inverted straps

Not as much progress as I would have liked, I decided to finish all the strap ends with a rounded tip, with the exception of buckle straps which will end in a point.

I also tackled the VERY time-consuming task of making a version with all the strap ends folded from the inside to the outside rather than the other way around. It is kind of pretty, but it makes the contrast color a bit overwhelming…

I ended up redoing the back buckle a couple of times, the keeper is currently a D-ring but I might change it to a simple metal keeper since I do not intend on having a leash point there.

Riveting progress

Riveting progress… I should really be careful with terrible puns like these…

So what has changed?

  • Spaced the back Y straps even further, moved the fork much higher and re-adjusted everything.
  • Separated the neck strap into 3 parts and re-adjusted everything.
  • Started detailing the back buckle.
  • Riveted (almost) everything.
  • Did some quick material tweaks (backing).

As for the last picture… I don’t really like those square strap ends, so I made two variants. I’m also tempted to reverse those loop ends (I might try for the next blog update) to expose the accent color a bit more.

If I still want to add a nose hook, there isn’t much space left for one sadly >_<.


None of this is final, this strapwork is a bit of a puzzle between what I want, and what gives me good mesh break-points (for adjustment). I should have posted yesterday, but I didn’t have enough progress to show.

I’ve brought down the Y strap much closer to the nose. I’m almost tempted to bring it even lower, but that might cause problems on some avatars.

I might have planned too many “cuts” on the head, or so I’m told, so maybe I should try to simplify it a little.

I really would like to break the neck strap into 3 pieces, but I can’t think of a good way short of inserting a pair of rings and having the overhead stuff connect to them, which complicates fitting even further.

So many questions! But other than that I think it’s looking very promising at this point!

New ballgag project started! Well… the ball part of it.

A new Monday, a new ballgag 😛

And already I’m over-engineering it. I want the ball to be swappable between various styles, so I came up with a convoluted system to show or hide the holes based on alpha masking. As if the shape itself wasn’t tricky to get right as it is 😛

There are a few advantages to this method: Only one mesh “face”, and one texture can use multiple alpha values to allow for different hole configurations in the same texture.

The 3 last pictures have a quick test texture and demonstrate the concept.

The main hurdle with this method is that I have to tweak the normal orientation of a lot of vertices to “hide” the holes when their covers are visible. You can still see them it if you look hard enough.

Texture baking also appears to be a little funky on the inside, not like it will matter too much. After all, the inside is only there to give the object depth, but it is barely visible.

Here is a little “colorful” thing I’m working on.

Since I am preparing the “official” release of the keyless padlock (okay it IS already available, I know, but not as a standalone), I figured it would be a good time to introduce a little bit of variation in the standard lock roster.

It is still a sculpted prim with quirky UVs, so there are limits to what I can realistically do with it. But I think it looks good?

There will also be a special version for my Patreon supporters too, it has been a while since I’ve thanked you all ^_^.


Cell Furniture scripts & animations!

I’m pretty much done with the cell furniture scripts & animations! Large picture set today!

The furnitures have their own configuration system that allows you to adjust the most important aspects, which can help if you want to use your own poses.

Now, what is going on with these “config.use” cards? It’s really simple! It allows to define which sides of the furniture will allow sitting (the furnitures REQUIRE the “KDC Experiment” experience, sorry!) You still have to be fairly close.

I also included pictures of all the poses I’ve made for the bed and the toilet unit. Feedback welcome!

Cell project update!

Slowly, but surely, I’m getting to the bottom of the prison cell project 🙂

  • ✔ Config for the inside/outside lamp behavior: always on/off and toggled by the switch.
  • ✔ (Optional) automatic unlocking after X minutes.
  • ✔ (Experimental) “secure locking”, a padlock ID whitelist for roleplay areas that want some level of key control.
  • ✔ RLV feature toggle (restrictions and/or force teleport).
  • ✔ Experience feature toggle (teleport on/off).
  • ✔ I got pretty much all the sounds I needed to be done: door, hatch, shutter, etc…
  • ✔ Color, intensity & other light properties are now saved by the script when you edit them.
  • ✔ A variant of the main cell body without the window.
  • ✔ A standalone anchor bar with advanced reach checks.
  • ✔ A standalone version of the light ramp.

I started working on the furniture script. I came up with a cool configurable, directional range check. You can decide in which directions the furniture will allow an avatar to sit, including top & bottom (useful to allow sitting on a top bunk, but only from “below”, or to prevent sitting through a wall).

That’s all for today!

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