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Buckles, straps, rivets, oh my.

Good progress on the new collar, I ended up ditching the weird “ribbing” from the liner and the trim on the strap (it made the strap look too narrow). I also added rivets and finished shaping the strap to accomodate for the D-rings and buckle.

New collar project

This is based on a real collar but I’m trying to push it towards something that would be suitable to complete the “Classic” set, still very work in progress.

Not a big fan of those padding creases… too many too regular.


In-progress in-world assembly

Thanks to everyone who voted!

I thought that I was finished with the code and assembly, but my head feels like a bowl of oatmeal so obviously I made a bunch of mistakes…

  • Right side: U shackle in XL size with 3oz weight.
  • Left side: V shackle in XS size with number plate.

Nipple shackle dilemma.

I had to widen the shackle gap to make it look right around a “standard” nipple (okay, whatever I had on hand really).

But I’m not really sure which version would be the best:

  • A The V shaped shackle.
  • B Straight shackle and wider 180° turn.
  • C Straight shackle with a “two step” 180° turn.

I’m not sure that the polling plugin works anymore but I’ll try to add one anyway, feel free to vote for more than one option.

Which nipple shackle design should I use?

  • A: V-shaped. (25%, 11 Votes)
  • B: Straight with a wide 180° turn. (52%, 23 Votes)
  • C. Straight with a "two step" 180° turn. (23%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 41

Loading ... Loading ...

Yes, I know the poll results don’t show, it’s a bug, but votes are still recorded.

There is also a poll on Patreon.

Alternate shackle sizes

I’ve finished debugging, testing, re-testing, re-debugging, and so on. This is as good as it is going to get code-wise.

So here are more pictures:

  1. On top of the “light” version (cannot be padlocked or chained) I’ve added two variants with a shorter and longer shackle (called XS and XL) to offer more adjustment flexibility.
  2. I haven’t really shown a good shot of what the captive ring indents ended up looking like, pretty crisp for what it is.
  3. XL + a tag plate, and while they are smaller than on other items, it’s still ridiculously cumbersome. I guess it works if you don’t plan on having a formal diner that day.

(But you don’t, since you eat your food from a bowl on the floor, right? :P)

In world test already!

The ring weld ended up barely visible, but  I might be able to accentuate it some more. All the models are hand LODed: 1018 complexity so far.

My friend Noshi posed for that picture, since he has the better nose 😛

A new week, a new project.

Finally creating something new for the TouchBound piercing line. It’s an idea I’ve had in my sketchbook for a while now.

The idea is that it uses a “triple” piercing (nostril, septum, nostril) and is secured by some kind of “reverse captive bead” system, with small rings on either side of the nose, gripping into the main bar.

It took a few iterations to come up with a “captive ring” design that works (the nose being in the way).

There is also a modeling accident on the loose ring that looks a bit like a welding mark, I’m probably going to keep it.

Polishing phase

The end is near!

I’ve re-textured everything a little better and re-uploaded a bunch of parts that had problems. I still want to do some more sample scripts, and a few other things here and there but this is so CLOSE to completion…

I cannot wait.

A smaller globe valve

Kinda spliced the body of the 30cm globe valve on 10cm flanges. I’m still working on the lod models but I should be done with this piece tonight.

For those wondering, there isn’t a lot left to do: A couple of supports and a tower for this valve, and the pipe set “should” be complete.

Fingers crossed.

Pipe porn

I’m bet everyone was missing that! More pipe … things.

I’m almost done with this 10cm valve, I just have to finish the lod models for the wheel.

Works the same way as the previous valve, but the gate actually slide outside of the valve body.

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