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The KDC Padded Cell is out!

Yes, the KDC padded cell is finally out!

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to go a very silent right before release. Typically because I have nothing to really “show” or because I am so pressed by time and feature creep that I keep pushing my posting to “just a little later”.

KDC Padded Cell

It turned out that the “last-minute changes” from the last post really weren’t… I ended up quickly modeling a 1×4 and a 2×4 “block” of padding to act as some kind of “minimal cell furnishing”, so you can add a sitting or a sleeping area to your padded cell if you don’t want to simply be on the floor. I’ve modeled them on all sides so you can also remove the scripts and use them to build dividers or other padded things.

I was also suggested to make a “Horny Jail” (I ended up calling it like that, yeah, haha… thank you Tang for rotting my brain) bundle that includes the KDC padded cell and the KDC Warden straitjacket. So I did that, but also couldn’t resist adding a little something extra, so there is an exclusive “Horny Jail” Warden straitjacket skin in the bundle.

KDC Padded Cell : Horny Jail bundle

The “Horny Jail” skin is also available freely to my Patreon subscribers.

As usual, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace and at the KDC Main Store (10%off!).


Last minute additions to the padded cell!

I’m almost done with the padded cell, I swear! But I did make a few last-minute changes that were requested by some friends. Namely, ceiling padding (yes it is a bit weird with the lamp) and a few requested presets.

I also made a preset “demo” feature but that’s mostly for the store demo than anything.

I can’t really release this weekend as I’m not gonna have the time to do it, so I’ll wrap everything up on Monday or something.

The padded cell is almost ready to go!

I’m almost done with the padded cell project! All the creasing is done, and it makes everything looks 1000% better in my opinion. I still need to fix a few issues, such as the new anchors having the wrong mesh orientation and the script is getting a bit confused by it.

The new customization menu is really simple with a section for the door label, a handful of color presets for all the parts, and you can choose between creased and uncreased normal maps. If you don’t have materials enabled in your viewer it won’t do anything and… well… it’s 2022! You should be getting on with the program 😛

I might add a menu section with a few common sets of specular properties for the padding, but I know most people are going to tweak to their liking anyway.

Anchor points & creasing

I’ve finished the new anchor points that I want to ship with the padded cell as well as some subtle creasing on the wall padding. Picture re-ordering appears to be currently broken on the site.

The creasing was a little bit weird to nail down and I had to tone down the shading on the diffuse texture a little bit to prevent it from breaking the effect.

Also, a goofy picture today, the wordle cell >_>

Padded cell in-world testing

I’m nearly done with the padded cell body and door models. I am still struggling with some door collision issues (I keep forgetting the proper way of doing this…). Most of the padding textures are test uploads and unfinished, as I’d like to add some sculpted details & irregularities here and there to make them look a little more natural.

That being said, the flawless look has its own appeal… almost comfy.

I couldn’t complete much work last week, some of my equipment came back from repair and I wasted a ton of time with that.

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