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Some kind of handcuff project?

A little handcuff side project I’ve been meaning to work on for a while. These are based on a pair of existing handcuffs but I intend on modifying the design somewhat and making them something a bit more unique looking. Must make it chunkier :3

The first picture was my initial attempt, but I did not like it and got lost in details that probably didn’t need to be added yet.

Padded anchor plates and a few more things

I had to get rid of the diamond-shaped top on the padding because it did not allow me to put anything on top of them. Which was an issue, since the new padded anchor plates I’m making for this cell version are designed to sit there.

The new chain anchors are based on the ones in Tang‘s “Horny Jail” set (go check it out), those are kinda meant to be low-profile floor/wall inserts. It would be better with straps, but I can’t really have that.

The low-poly door padding is also complete and I’ve closed off the bottom hatch of the door with a little umm… kick plate? I don’t know, I could have removed everything but it looked a bit bare. The door padding will have to be colored all as one because I do not have an extra mesh “face” to spare for the bottom section. Oh well.

More padded cell progress

More padded cell progress! I’m so original with titles, isn’t it?

I’ve unwrapped all the cell padding and done some test normal/texture baking. It pretty much looks identical, so this is another case of me trying too hard… I guess? The mesh “faces” I reclaimed from the floor/walls of the cell are just enough to have the door side pads, the walls, and the accent pads.

I’ve also started to modify the low-poly door, I’m wondering if I should make those door pads even thicker, I’m just not sure that it is going to clear the doorframe anymore if I do. It is also going to eat an extra mesh “face” and I don’t really have any spare unless I remove the bars from the window and go for glass-only.

Padded cell refining & low poly work

Small update, I’ve refined the padding shape a little, tightened the gaps between the cushions, and fixed alignment issues left and right.

The last picture is the updated high-poly, and I also used blender’s new denoiser for the render so it takes less time (not that it is of any use for the model itself, but hey fancier picture), I need to use this more/remember that it exists.

I also modeled a big chunk of the low-polygon mesh. I haven’t tried rendering my normal maps yet or done any preliminary unwrapping either. This is a bit dense geometry-wise for a piece of structural mesh but it should be very easy to optimize on the lower LODs.

I’m still debating on re-adding the lower hatch on the door. Simply because it means I don’t have to create a texture variant for the door itself and only have to pad the inside 😛

(Well, the hatches also add a lot of visual appeal to the door’s otherwise flat surface)


Padded cell design started!

I have finally decided to start working on a padded cell variant of my modular cell unit.

The design is VERY inspired by the amazing art of tangdraws. Go check his work, it is just that great. Somehow the tan padding has this sort of “Alien” (the movie) vibe?

I’m trying to get a good layout for the padded tiles, none of the internal dimensions of the cell are falling quite “right” to get a perfect grid, so I’m cheating here and there.

The left side of the door still upsets me…

The door itself will probably look like the regular cell door from the outside, without the bottom hatch, but I want to keep the middle hatch to give prisoners a “chance” to escape.

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