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The KDC Padded Cell is out!

Yes, the KDC padded cell is finally out!

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to go a very silent right before release. Typically because I have nothing to really “show” or because I am so pressed by time and feature creep that I keep pushing my posting to “just a little later”.

KDC Padded Cell

It turned out that the “last-minute changes” from the last post really weren’t… I ended up quickly modeling a 1×4 and a 2×4 “block” of padding to act as some kind of “minimal cell furnishing”, so you can add a sitting or a sleeping area to your padded cell if you don’t want to simply be on the floor. I’ve modeled them on all sides so you can also remove the scripts and use them to build dividers or other padded things.

I was also suggested to make a “Horny Jail” (I ended up calling it like that, yeah, haha… thank you Tang for rotting my brain) bundle that includes the KDC padded cell and the KDC Warden straitjacket. So I did that, but also couldn’t resist adding a little something extra, so there is an exclusive “Horny Jail” Warden straitjacket skin in the bundle.

KDC Padded Cell : Horny Jail bundle

The “Horny Jail” skin is also available freely to my Patreon subscribers.

As usual, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace and at the KDC Main Store (10%off!).


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