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A new gag idea

This may (or may not) be my next project, but I wanted to get the concept out of my system.

Rigid metal gags are not really “new” anymore, but I had this idea in the back of my mind of using flat stock rather than the typical round stock.

The idea is that only one end actually requires locking. The other side is essentially stuck in the slots as long as the “bit” is in the closed position.

A few thoughts:

  • It’s gonna be VERY adjustable with this design.
  • I do want it to animate open & closed.
  • I will “probably” make interchangeable “bits” (haven’t decided how yet)
  • It’s deceptively simple… is it TOO simple?
  • Structurally those slotted bars look like they would be easy to bend and snap.
  • I don’t like how the “ball” gag looks really (too simple again).

Right on time for Halloween!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates, but I wanted to make this a surprise release. After all, Halloween is the only seasonal event I actually try to participate in.

There took me about a week to make, the longest part was to come up with interesting designs: I did not want to just copy paste something I found online and call it a day. All of these are obviously inspired from existing art pieces, but they all have a personal twist.

As was last yeah, and the year before, this will only be available for a limited amount of time.

The Dullahan Collar & Pumpkin Jack Revosuit add ons are also available once again (for a limited time).

As usual, you can pick those from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Happy Halloween everyone!

And a new set of tag plates!

I added a new set of tag plates focused around numbers. I’m sure someone will find a use for that.

You get both english and japanese numbers in this one, grouped in two separate plate sets.

Same features as the two original sets: Compatible with all TB products, Random mode, Public mode, Custom plates…

As usual, you can get them from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


Random weekend thing

Yes it is dynamic, and yes, the math involved wasn’t fun at all. 😛

I should probably wait for a wider adoption of “Bake on Mesh” before I actually go further than the “prototype stage” with this.

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