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The KDC Tag Plates are released!

Two collections of little wooden plates with a lot of naughty titles on them, for you to wear, (or be forced to wear ^_^)

They can be snapped on all TouchBound products that have at least one free lock point.
Each set comes with 17 markings to choose from, it also features a “random” mode for that little added “surprise”.
Adding your own plates is easy and a full-perm texture blank is included.

As usual, you can find them at the KDC Main Store, or on the SecondLife Marketplace.

Enjoy! ^_^

Back from a really bad server failure.

Those past two days have been absolute hell, (and are far from over).

Long story short, I lost my server box and I have been scrambling to restore my (horrible) backups on a new machine. I have a “minimal” setup working, and all the KDC related things such as updater & in-world delivery,… should be working properly now.

But please, do message me if you notice a problem.

Almost done with the Tag Plates!

I’ve made two sets, one in English and one in Japanese.

  • Replaces (almost) any lock, doesn’t block the chain/unchain ability.
  • A “random” mode: Pick a random plate everytime.
  • Blank plate (which is also fullperm so you can make your own).
  • 17 different markings in each language (but they aren’t all the same).

There is also a ‘public’ mode, like on the time release padlocks.

I got a little carried away…

Fifteen very lewd japanese tags.

I should probably make english ones… any suggestions?

Better sculptmap and much improved texture!

I reworked my material for the plate from the ground up and I’m really pleased with the result.

I also had to do a pretty big cleanup on the sculpted prim because the UVs where all wobbly. In addition I also added a bit of “tilt” between the shackle and the plate, to make it look a little more natural.

The label is not properly centered, I know.

I’m somewhat better… I think.

The past few days weren’t exactly pleasant, but I think I should be well enough at this point.

I’m still coughing a bit and my head isn’t “quite” where it should be, we shall see.


Sorry everyone, hopefully this will be over soon!

Sculpted prim-tag

I was really worried about how feasible this tag would be as a single sculpted prim (which is, unfortunately, still the current restriction of my lock system).

Main issues I had to deal with:

  1. This is essentially 3 (well 4)  separate parts that have to all be on the same sculpted prim.
  2. They include loops and curves (which eat a lot of vertices).
  3. I had to reserve as much of the sculpt-map as possible for the tag itself.

I’m really happy with the results: It does need a little touching-up here and there, but it degrades very well lod-wise.

Some kind of tag/plate

More attempts at procedural textures in Blender 2.8. The edges are supposed to have chisel/hammer marks all around and some darker colors. This is what I managed to do so far…

It’s also ment to become a sculpted prim, so that’s certainly going to be fun… especially the chain for that hole.

More rusty old valve, I know.

Sorry, that this is taking me so much time, I’m learning and this is all new to me.

I am more or less done with it, I just want to do something about the axle and the hex bolt to get a bit more contrast.

I’ve been trying to make nice node setups that can just be recycled for other projects but I’m gonna need a lot more practice before I can actually do that.

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