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The KDC Chat Conditioner is out!


It took way too long, but this appears to be a trend with pretty much anything I make.

Word of advice: Do read all the comments in the sample configuration card!

As usual, you can grab it from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

More icons and a key

I added a few more icons that where suggested by Kaleida and made a sort of “unique” looking key for the chat conditioner (new name!).

You can use any key really but I figured a special one bundled with it would be a good idea.


Before you ask it’s based on a French safe deposit box lock.


I’ve made a few icons for the chat restrictor. I get the feeling that it won’t be enough but since no one came to me for suggestions…

Most of the code is there now, all that’s really needed now is to do some heavy testing and maybe add a couple of sounds.

I added a brief summary for the wearer when the preset is changed. In addition, if someone else than the wearer loads a notecard, the wearer will be locked out until someone use the “clear” function.

A peek at the undercity gatehouse.


I would say the gatehouse is about .. 75% complete. The computers (which you can use!) still have a couple of very minor bugs and it lacks some suitable furnitures.

But feel free to poke at it (it is at the back of the KDC main store), that’s what it is here for!

Update on the chat restrictor


I started making button faces, and most of the functions are actually working now as well as the animation scaling (kind of a must for a moddable object). There is something iffy going on with the syllable counter, so that’s another thing I have to fix.

Ideas for button faces are welcome.

Coding blind

I think I nailed down the chat “conditioning code”. So that part is done unless I made some grave mistakes (which i probably have). I can’t really test a lot of the remaining code until I flesh it out a little more, there are still quite a few moving parts to put in before I can do some testing.

The notecard parsing code is in, but I still haven’t a way to actually trigger the reading of a notecard.

On a sidenote It does look like a horrible mess with all the code that I commented out.

But have faith! It can still go horribly wrong, if I run out of memory again for instance.

Lady Eleanor’s leather crop bugfix

Tiny tiny bug with the animation permissions, there was two of them that where set to “no copy”.

This is now fixed!

Ground work

Quick post for today’s work. Because I’m gonna need a good chunk of memory to make the chat restrictor work, I’ve tried several approaches to “gut out” the sections of the TB code that i don’t actually need.

This made me realise that having the “collar” as the master code branch might not have been such a great idea after all… it would have been a lot better if the master branch was a bare bone TB system with the locking code only.

But what’s done is done I suppose.

I’m almost certain that I have enough memory to handle all the configuration file loading from the core script.

Lattice cage hotfix!

There was a bug in the lattice cage RLV logic where it would attempt to apply the RLV restrictions on anyone using the sit position, regardless of the door state (open/closed).

This is now fixed 🙂

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