Heavy metal wrist cuffs, work started.

I didn’t want to make the cuffs a “resized” version of the collar, because I feel that the locks should stay at a consistent size for the different parts of this set. The difficulty here is to get them to look like they match perfectly, the cuffs have to be smaller, but the hinge should be as wide and as tall as for the collar since they are made from the same steel parts.

Good result so far, however the welds look slightly different, I’m getting some unwanted shadowing because the piece is rotated 90°, I might put it back vertically to eliminate that.

I’ve settled for a “circular” section (the simplest of the two) rather than an oval shape. An oval would not really be harder to make than a circle but I stuck to circle because… well circles have a certain elegance.  I’m not sure if I will stick with it, but it looks good enough for now.

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