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The 3rd child of the heavy metal family…

… is coming 🙂


Updating the update

The bridle and bit hot-fix is now live, sorry to those that already updated.


The normal maps are massively overpowered, I’m preparing a fix that will bring it to the same level used by the collar and cuffs, sorry about that.

KDC Ponyplay Bridle updated!

ADDED: Cyan color to the coloring HUD.
ADDED: Normal mapping and specular maps (materials)

Now there you go 🙂


KDC Ponyplay Bits updated!

ADDED: Cyan color to the coloring HUD.
ADDED: Normal mapping and specular maps (materials)

This is a free update, previous buyers will receive it through the auto updater process.

They wanted cyan… and polishing.

I’ve been nicely asked to add a cyan option to the KDC PonyPlay tack, so I thought “why not, this will be quick”. Well I spent my entire Monday on it, it’s Tuesday noon and there is still a lot to do. I’m also using this “return” on the pony tack to do a little bit of polishing that I’ve been meaning to do, I’m starting to wonder if I should redo all my product pictures as a result…

So there we go, cyan and …. *drumroll* materials.

Change of plans

I’m putting the maid dress to rest for a couple of days. Someone requested an extra color for the pony bridle and bits: cyan, so that’s what I’ve been doing today, a lot of textures to render.

Quick inworld tests of the maid dress

Don’t get excited! It’s not properly textured, it’s not skinned, there is still a lot to do, but I wanted to see what it would look like anyway 🙂

Unwrapping the dress

Blender keeps surprising me, I haven’t found any really archaic tool yet. The auto unwrapping functions does a pretty good job and I don’t think I will have to fiddle with it much. I merged the entire model as one and marked the seams, Blender pretty much does the rest.


More model cleaning and texture tests

I’ve finished modeling the edge of the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, I also made the underside “caps” for it (to prevent the outfit from looking one-sided), I also had to do some fixing on the left sleeve, I had forgotten that it wasn’t matching the high-resolution model at all because of the mirroring. I also marked the “T” seam on the shoulder, on each side.

I did a very quick texture unwrap on the section of the mesh that contains the… “side boob”, shoulder, and sleeve just to see how it’s done and to have a go at baking textures. Blender makes this step a little strange, but not entirely unpleasant. It’s a different workflow from 3DsMax. You can see the result in the “textured” picture, the bib is still the HD version, and you almost cannot tell the difference, beside the apparent pixelation.

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