RLV Activator update

The RLV activator was pretty much the oldest pieces of software in the TouchBound system and hadn’t been changed since the first release.

tbHUDThe “2.0” replacement now sit on the HUD and is designed to blend into the viewer3 interface.
It does the same RLV detection functions as the original with a big bonus: It doesn’t need to self lock like the old one used to.
As an added bonus, clicking the “TouchBound” button open a menu that allow you to quickly access the documentation wiki, but also to select a “presentation pose”.
Presentation poses are high priority full avatar animations that allow you to momentarily stop your avatar from moving to ease the clicking of attachments. The animations are simple, unobstructive and stop as soon as you try to move. The Activator HUD also allow you to drop-in your own animations.

I have several bug fixes to release for most of the TouchBound products, so the next updates will progressively include the new Activator HUD.

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