Precisions for contacting me

I though it might be useful to get a few things straight about how I handle customer support, if you have a problem with a product, please follow these instructions:

I can only reply in French or English.

If you need to contact me, please try to use one of these two languages. Sure I can use a translator, but for precise instructions it’s going to turn into a catastrophe.

Do not send me notecards

I don’t know who decided that notecards where the “superior” way of contacting shop owners, but it isn’t! Send me an I.M. instead, those arrive in my mailbox and I can reply to them quickly. If for some reason you cannot send me an I.M. (overzealous RLV settings for example), there is a contact form on this website, just don’t forget to put your avatar name then.

Be brief and clear.

I don’t need a copy of the entire marketplace transaction, the transaction ID, buyer name and date is all I need.

Be patient.

Give me at least a day to reply, I’m not always in SL or browsing my emails.

Talk to me before giving me a bad review.

I’ve had several customers drop me a 1 star review on a product, it hurts, it’s the wrong way to attract my attention, and I usually end up solving your problem in the end.

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