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KDC Revosuit appliers for Lolas! :: Tango

I suppose everyone guessed what i was making, so without further due (and right on time for Halloween?), I present you Lolas :: Tango appliers that match the KDC Revosuit latex catsuit 🙂

The pack has a total of 105 appliers, that’s 15 colors and 7 options to match the catsuit!


As usual, you can check it out in the KDC Main Shop or the SecondLife Marketplace. Enjoy, and have a happy Halloween!

What could she be making now?

Here is a hint 🙂


And the Vacuum system is out!

I’m tired, very tired, but it is complete and mostly bug free, i give you my latest creation… The KDC Vacuum system! (like you didn’t knew about it and I totally didn’t spend more than a month on it :P)

Vacuum systemnew


As usual, you can get it from the KDC main shop or from the Secondlife Marketplace.

Trashcan done, all steps, just one day.

My working speed appears to vary from one object to the other, it only took me 5 hours to get this trashcan modeled, textured unwrapped and normal mapped complete with movable lid and internal bag 🙂

Monday and Tuesday where all code and no play, the vacuum is now fully functional, it charge, discharge, collect dust, and the temp attach work like a charm. The room manager works too, you can define a room as a volume made of one or more cylindrical areas, it’s not the bets method for corners but it’s good enough for vacuuming.

The last piece of the puzzle is to be able to empty the internal tank into the trashcan and we are done!

That is, the core features are complete, there is a couple of little code related refinement i might add before release, or through a patch post release maybe…

Features update

It’s going pretty well, the vacuum cleaner is now rezzed from the charging station, can be picked up by anyone and dropped anywhere as soon as detached. I still need to include some “ground detection” code so it’s sitting a little prettier. I gave up on the idea of clicking the charging station to put the vacuum back on it, instead I chose a more intuitive system where dropping the vacuum near the station will snap to it. The vacuum cleaner is now charging its internal battery when on the charger.

There is a few to-dos:

  • Make the vacuum “suicide” on teleport,region change, wearer log off…
  • Make the station control periodically that the vacuum is still “alive” to fox potential sl related issues and user errors.
  • Find more ways to “save”  the tool’s memory integrity when it is being restored, possible have it periodically “report” back to the station. (but not too often!) Because otherwise it’s just easier to “break” the vacuum and get a new one than emptying the dust can.
  • Making the trashcan and a standard protocol for tool to tool communication.
  • Register/unregister with the room manager.
  • Sounds, animations, get everything to look and feel right.

I’m back! And more scripting.

Sorry for being quiet the past week, i was visiting my family IRL and didn’t really find the motivation to work while in transit. I did some good progress today, a sizeable chunk of the room manager/control station is written.  As a sort of apology you can have a look at today’s scripting session on my twitch channel 🙂

Click here to see the recorded session!

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