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Elbow cuff flood

I just wanted to apologize to those who might have received constant elbow cuffs updates, I made a typo when setting the “current” version number for them, and as a result, the system was considering current cuffs to be outdated.

Documentation updated!

I just finished adding the new poses to the TouchBound documentation page for the wrist cuffs and elbow cuffs.

The lined chrome elbow cuffs are out!

One of the missing links in the lined chrome series! It adds a couple of elbow related animations and wrist to elbow types too such as folded arms, wrist to opposite elbow in the back, etc…


As usual you can find them in the KDC Main shop and on the Secondlife Marketplace enjoy!

Wrist cuffs update

In preparation for the next release, (which is coming in the next few hours) i released a minor “support” patch for the TouchBound wrist cuffs:

  • Laminated series.
  • KDC/ER series.
  • Chrome series.

It ‘might’ also contain some bug fixes, not entirely sure where i was on this front. Enjoy 🙂

A couple of new poses

Those elbow cuffs offer a few extra binding possibilities, so I’ve been working on a few simple animations while I’m adapting the code for them. I have a couple of other ones in mind but I’m not sure yet how it’s all going to work.

I also made a pose that reminds me of my old show pony cuffs, but I’m not sure if the cuffs ride high enough on the biceps to look all right. I considered moving the cuff higher on the biceps, but the avatar muscle slider will probably make any attempt at a close fit futile.

Yet another “guess what she’s doing now”

Can you guess this time?


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