Features update

It’s going pretty well, the vacuum cleaner is now rezzed from the charging station, can be picked up by anyone and dropped anywhere as soon as detached. I still need to include some “ground detection” code so it’s sitting a little prettier. I gave up on the idea of clicking the charging station to put the vacuum back on it, instead I chose a more intuitive system where dropping the vacuum near the station will snap to it. The vacuum cleaner is now charging its internal battery when on the charger.

There is a few to-dos:

  • Make the vacuum “suicide” on teleport,region change, wearer log off…
  • Make the station control periodically that the vacuum is still “alive” to fox potential sl related issues and user errors.
  • Find more ways to “save”  the tool’s memory integrity when it is being restored, possible have it periodically “report” back to the station. (but not too often!) Because otherwise it’s just easier to “break” the vacuum and get a new one than emptying the dust can.
  • Making the trashcan and a standard protocol for tool to tool communication.
  • Register/unregister with the room manager.
  • Sounds, animations, get everything to look and feel right.

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