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Windows 7 and custom shortcuts

I just got this new keyboard working and have been making a few shortcuts triggered by key combinations, like ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 and the like, and here are a few things I learned that should help everyone doing those kind of things.

  1. The key combo you chose for your shortcut WONT work, or won’t be reloaded on next reboot unless it is sitting in specific folders, like the Start menu folder.
  2. Shortcuts called with key combinations are unexplicably SLOW to start for some reason. But there is an easy fix to this:

The fix for Custom keyboard shortcuts slowness:

  • Open the registry editor Start > Run > Regedit.exe
  • navigate to the following key:

HKLM/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Session Manager

  • right click and choose: New Value > Dword
  • Name the new value “SafeDllSearchMode”
  • Set it’s value to 1
  • Reboot

This fix should remove most of the lag you experience when executing a custom keyboard shortcut.

Game design articles

I finished copying the brainstorming articles i’ve bee writing for the torquepowered community, they now are with my other articles, i also ordered everything neatly in categories.

They are pretty dense text packages so you better enjoy reading my broken english ^_^

FLATTR, well let’s try out that thing

I’m doing a shameless little advertisement for this interesting system to, as they say it “Show your love for the things you like” . I’ve been accepted in the beta (yay!) and will see how things unfold.

Considering an image is worth a tousand words and because it will probably be easier for peoples to understand it if it isn’t explained by me in my broken english, here is a little introduction video:

You can apply for entering the beta here:

And once you realize how awesome it is…
You can click the little Flattr button right here to show me your love ^_^

The day against DRMs

Pick the language you understand 🙂

Today is the “Day Against DRM” or for the novices, Digital Management rights, which are nothing more and nothing less than the “solution” the big media industries found to dictate what you can or can’t do with content you bought from them, for this occasion I invite you dear readers to spread the word against this evil of the internet age.

Whether companies will control and restrict us through our technology remains to be decided, and the battle is now.

Aujourd’hui c’est la “JournĂ©e contre les DRM” , ou gestion des droits Ă©lectroniques en français, la solution que les poids lourds de l’industrie audiovisuelle ont trouvĂ© pour nous dicter ce que nous pouvons faire ou ne pas faire avec le contenu que nous leur achetons, j’invite tous ceux qui me lisent Ă  faire passer l’information contre ce cancer qui empoisonne l’industrie.

C’est maintenant qu’il faut nous battre si nous ne voulons pas que les compagnies nous contrĂ´lent Ă  travers nos propres technologies.

Some doodling on T3D

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