FLATTR, well let’s try out that thing

I’m doing a shameless little advertisement for this interesting system to, as they say it “Show your love for the things you like” . I’ve been accepted in the beta (yay!) and will see how things unfold.

Considering an image is worth a tousand words and because it will probably be easier for peoples to understand it if it isn’t explained by me in my broken english, here is a little introduction video:

You can apply for entering the beta here: https://flattr.com

And once you realize how awesome it is…
You can click the little Flattr button right here to show me your love ^_^

2 Responses to “FLATTR, well let’s try out that thing”

  • Heh, it’s almost a meme! Now to see if I can find your Flattr button. (Is it just me or does that sound like an awful euphemism?) And oh wait, there it is. My handy-dandy script blocker was doing its job.

    If nothing else, it’s making me find content I hadn’t looked at before!

  • Briana Dawson:

    did you say fatter

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