Extremely late tuesday update.

I got a crude Unwrapping done, just enough to get the different texture components mapped. I’ve made the usual stitch lines, the strap hole reinforcements are in place too.

Now I need to figure out…Why is the leather bump map bleeding over the metal?

It happened before, and I always forget why and how to fix it.

I’ve riveted everything (again) and re-placed all the hardware, without deformations this time. I wish I could have the “triangular rivet pattern” more often but it if I do I’m going to cover this belt entirely with rivets.

I’ve also re worked the shape a little. I might tweak it more, but I believe it is now time to get it all unwrapped properly so that I can put in the grain, stitches and grommets.

I also need to add some bend/crease stuff in the back padding to make it match the cuffs.

And again.

So yeah why stop there, lets just double it again.

It’s a bit (okay it’s very) bulky with those 4 buckling points but it looks the part with the cuffs in my opinion.

Doubling up.

I’m a bit sick and trying to catch some specific people to get their feedback, but I’ve come up with a possible improvement:

The first one, with the strap ends facing each others seem more structurally sound and most of the people I queried about it agree. From a technical standpoint, if I can get back in symmetry mode, it makes everything a lot simpler.

Bondage belt

So yeah that’s my new project, and it has been long overdue. A bondage belt that matches my classic leather cuffs.

It’s a bit on the thick side, but that actually matches the bulkiness of the original cuffs and will hopefully make for some pretty generous fitting. After some deliberation I decided to put the locking strap on the back.

Happy Halloween! And two new skins for the Revosuit X!

The night will be upon us soon and so will be time to celebrate and watch a few horror movies. Or just party all night if that’s more your thing.

I’ve just released TWO new add-ons for the KDC Revosuit X!


Please note that the pumpkin jack add-on will only be available during Halloween!

As usual, you can get them from the KDC Main Store, or the SecondLife Marketplace!

Don’t have the Revosuit X? Click here!

Trick or treat well 🙂

Doodles & Strikes – the fitmesh update.

I just pushed version 3 which should make Doodles & Strikes compatible with the fitted version of Utilizator’s Avatar 2.0.

Existing users will receive the update automatically.

Enjoy! 🙂

The KDC Regina Corseted Suit is out!

At last! After more than 200 hours of work, it is finally out in all its leathery goodness!

As usual, you can pick it up from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

I think I’m done?

That’s what I’ve been telling myself several times today, and every time, I was wrong.

But not this time… I think?

Last sprint to the finish line!

Everything is (almost) ready for release.

I still gotta make the HUD but here we are!

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