Not much progress to show.

Not much to show, I’ve cleaned up all the holes, because well, the whole “CAD” approach doesn’t make for very nice and precise holes when it involve boolean operations (who would have known!).

I’ve cleaned up most of the hard edges and fixed things that didn’t play nice with the subdivision modifier.

I haven’t done much more on the dirt mask but I do like it as it is, I might still introduce a little bit of chipping and scratching if it turns out that this is not enough after the first bake test.

On the lowpoly model side, I was HOPING to have something to show yesterday but I wasn’t in the greatest mood and MIGHT have scrapped it at least 3 times…

Isolation headphones update.

I know, I’m shocked too!

Joke aside, this isn’t the big update I was hoping to release for those but it contains a few important changes:

  • FIXED: Tiny bug with the IM blocking flag not being picked up.
  • FIXED: Fixes a naming issue still refering to a “collar”.
  • FIXED: RLV emote truncation bug.
  • ADDED: Configuration entry to display a hovertext informing others that the headphone wearer can/cannot hear local chat.
  • CHANGED: The IM blocking bypass is now “DISABLE_IM_BLOCKING=YES” (Oh yeah it was a bit of a secret for a while?)

You should receive the update soon-ish, if not, message me inworld!

More work on the new collar!

On the menu today:

  • Slimmed down the edge trims to be more “in line” with what I had in mind.
  • Much bigger leash ring. (bigger is cuter)
  • Sturdier hinge & pin. (making it seamless was a pain with the modeling method I’m trying)
  • Metal and edge wear tests. (I think it’s just too much but some discrete edge would give it some personality)

I would like those screw holes in the collar to be a litle less sharp, but the model has a tendency to explode 😀

A new collar project thing.

I’ve played a bit with some interesting modeling methods I discovered during my break.

The idea of this collar is that it’s going to use threaded bolts instead of padlocks for locking, and it is constructed in such a way that you have to “lock” it to get a leash ring (the ring is attached to the mending plate on front) and unlocking it will effectively get rid of that ring. Quirky, I know.

  • Picture 1 was the initial design but I’ve widened the edges and made them a bit more rounded.
  • Pictures 4-5-6 show how it looks unlocked, partially and fully bolted.

Maintenance work on the dead realm town

Now called 雛見沢. sue me.

I finally have fixed the elevator landing so it doesn’t drop you on the tennis court anymore, added automatic lighting on the upper floor of the school and manual lighting to the gymnasium.

Hotfix for the Regina Corseted Suit!

Today I discovered a really odd bug with one of the Regina Corseted Suit textures, it might be due to a SecondLife server issue I’m not entirely sure.

This update uses a fresh, re-optimized set of specular maps for the Regina Corseted Suit. Bug fixed, and a lower memory footprint, yay 🙂

This is mostly a HUD update, if the corset still shows a weird “oil slick” patch in the back, just re-apply the new textures with the HUD!

Shigeko boot patch

Fixes an issue with some of the coloring HUD buttons loading the wrong color (purple<->pink).

That’s all 🙂

An open source scripter toy.

The KDC PowerTool is a simple script container/API I’ve been using for years for personal utility scripts.

Now everyone can use it. It even comes with a dumb licence.

Feel free to scream at me that the code is horrible, I rewrote it entirely saturday evening.

The KDC Shigeko ballet boots are out!

I’m so sorry for the silence of the past few days but I crammed an ungodly amount of work in very little time and I was too tired to post more progress reports.

They are unrigged, making them suitable for pretty much any avatar, mesh or non-mesh body, enjoy!

As usual, you can pick them up in-world from the KDC Main Store or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

First inworld tests!

Unwrapping done, this is my first bake test on this project and it looks amazing 😀

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