Latex maid WIP update

Back to work on the latex maid dress.

I had an attempt at trying to get fuller folds in the skirt until I eventually realized that what I was trying to do didn’t look that good. Sometimes the first attempt is the best one you’ll get I suppose.

Shape wise, the skirt still need some tweaking and, maybe more volume? I’m always a bit wary with skirts, they tend to clip through the legs or the butt really easily if I don’t give them enough room, and this one is short enough that I’d rather not end up hiding the body under it, if I can.

I’ve added the rear zip, nothing really special there, it looks just like the front one.

The corset is in a very good place at this point, I’ve refined it a lot and added boning, edge piping, paneling and a first attempt at lacing it. I don’t really want to have fully modeled laces, and with those flat ones, I might be able to get away with a normal-mapped flat polygon strip. I’m not 100% sure there. There is also enough space on the front to have two corset bones really, it looks a bit bare compared to the backside.

Next step is going to be the apron I assume, before tying up the corset, I need to check how the apron’s is going to fill the space.

With all the detailing on the sleeves, corset and skirt, the top is starting to look a bit bare. I’ve added a decorative groove into the tie, I still want it to be a little leather “strap” but it doesn’t look quite like that yet.

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