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Ponyplay bits hotfix

Forgot to post it yesterday but I released a hotfix for all the bits with lever straps, a tiny bug caused the lever straps to remain hidden.


Another round of updates for this week.

Unless I broke something horribly, this should be the last round of product updates this week:

BENTO Update for the stuffed ballgag

Just pushed out a long overdue update to the KDC stuffed ballgag:

  • Bento head open-mouth animation compatibility.
  • The text garbler now outputs text with clickable names (llurl/fancy links).
  • Fancy links in lock/unlock messages.
  • Further memory optimization.
  • Lock/Unlock notifications are now sent to the wearer too.
  • Some more memory reclaimed and tightening of logic code.
  • Moved RLV activation in a more secure area of the command parser.
  • Emote restriction exception not being cleared when the bit/gag is in the ‘off’ position.
  • The updater should instantly trigger in dead realm and not require to be manually reset anymore.

Also some bug fixes for the classic leather blindfold, nothing major so don’t feel in a rush to update that one.

BENTO update for all the Ponyplay bits!

What is new:

  • Bento head open-mouth animation compatibility.
  • The text garbler now outputs text with clickable names.
  • Fancy links in lock/unlock messages.
  • Further memory optimization.
  • Lock/Unlock notifications are now sent to the wearer too.

On a sidenote I also removed some clicker prims that weren’t that useful anymore and replaced the garbler/drool prim with a simple mesh to push the draw weight down a little. It isn’t much but every little bit helps.

Uh oh.

There was a slight error when I finalized the HUD and some of you might have some weird color names and no “tan” leather preset.

Just IM me and I’ll send you a fixed preset file.

The KDC Ayumi ballet boots are out!

And voilĂ ! Another project that took me a lot more time than I thought it would. This time I’ve gone the extra mile when it comes to the HUD and this one keeps Dialog menus to a minimum (it is still required for preset selection and RGB entry however.) but it continues in line with the Warden Straitjacket design wise.

These boots have a total 7 areas that you can tint and texture to your liking, they have a ridiculously low draw weight, unfortunately it gets bumped up quite a bit by the textures, but all material products tend to do this.

The spurs double as a pair of TB ankle cuffs and can be locked in place as you would expect, but the side bar is actually the chaining ring.

As for the fitting, they where mainly designed for Classic avatars, Utilizator’s avatar 2.0 (might require some slight shape adjustments) they also apparently fit Maitreya bodies, and possibly others (check the demo!).

As usual, you can pick those up from the KDC Main Shop and from the SecondLife Marketplace. (And here is the demo)

And if you pass by the Main Shop, feel free to snoop around the back of the building, it’s a cool place :P.

Enjoy 🙂

Model finalized, HUD is next.

No point in posting a picture, it’s the same boot with better weight-painting and a slightly shorter foot.

Anyway, the model got final yesterday so today is all about putting the HUD together.

Inworld test!

I did a quick test rig for the boots to test them (and prance a bit) in world. The clearance is a bit too tight in the back of the leg  and the outer front, so I need to fix that.

I’m pretty confident about the textures so I started the final bake. I ‘should be done at some point during the night.

Test textures

It’s still missing that ankle strap tho. But this is essentially at “final” resolution.

Unwrapping… timelapse?

Not sure how to call this any other way.

Anyway it looks excruciatingly boring, but the idea is that I’m using multiple textures for the different areas that allow customization (base, sole, heel, side panels, strap, strap trim, metals), and each area has its own texture map optimized to reduce waste on power of two maps:

  • 1024×512 for the base and half of the metal.
  • 1024*256 for the side panels.
  • 1024*128 for the straps.
  • 1024*128 for the other half of the metal.
  • 256*128 for the heel.
  • 128*64 for the sole.

It’s all on the same map (yet constrained to power of 2 sections) because it’s just easier for me to do my unwrapping that way.

The only reason the metal is separated into two maps is because I had a bunch of free space on the base map, yet not enough of it to fit all the metal parts at a decent resolution (Also because half way through I realized that I forgot to account for the KDC logo and zipper pull & tab :P).

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