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Prisoner Ankle Shackles release and update

The Prisoner Ankle Shackles are out! Now you can all indulge in your worst(best) prisoner camp/chain gang fantasies! (the wrist ones will come out soon, I promise)

These support all your expected TouchBound functions, Allen wrenches, heavy padlocks, accessories, hobbling, chaining, suspension, binding, etc… etc… Check the manual for more details.

As usual, you can find these puppies at the KDC Main Store (10% off) and on the SecondLife Marketplace.

There is also an update…

For the KDC Prison Cell, Narrow Prison Cell and Padded Cell.

It addresses a fairly important furniture bug I discovered today that affects all my experience-based furniture that have anchor points (and all 3rd party modifications which add parts to the link sets) where the height adjustment function would stop working, it is a simple drop-in script replacement, if you don’t want to start fresh again.


Releasing four new Allen keys!

I figured that, since we do have a handful of bolt-compatible products, it was time to make a few more Allen keys.

I have also revisited the pictures for the two original ones (triangular and hexagonal) to make them pop a little more.

As usual, these are all available at the KDC Main Store (10% off), and on the SecondLife Marketplace.

The Prisoner Neck Shackle has been released!

Prisoner Neck Shackle store picture


A heavy forged design, the pride and joy of our apprentice blacksmith.

Overall, I’m very happy with the results here, and it doesn’t completely blow the texture budget, what more to ask, right? Feature wise it is a bit “light” given that it only has a single chaining ring. In addition, the main locking point ONLY works with the bolt system or heavy padlocks (I’ve included both).

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main Store (10%off), or from the Second Life Marketplace.


The 10Gauge silver genital ring is out!

10Gauge silver genital ring (uncensored?)

A quick release for once! The genital ring adds a couple more bondage poses to the system, namely wrists to genitals and another stooped stance when chained to a collar ring. It uses the “pelvis” LockMeister anchor target, and won’t conflict with any existing item.

As with the other piercings, it uses the captive bead system and the Piercing Tool and supports all the typical TouchBound accessories & standard locks. And as with the other piercings, it also comes in a “light” version for those that only want the base features/interactions.

As usual, you can get it from the KDC Main Store (10% off in-world), or from the SecondLife Marketplace.


The KDC Padded Cell is out!

Yes, the KDC padded cell is finally out!

If you’ve been following my work for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to go a very silent right before release. Typically because I have nothing to really “show” or because I am so pressed by time and feature creep that I keep pushing my posting to “just a little later”.

KDC Padded Cell

It turned out that the “last-minute changes” from the last post really weren’t… I ended up quickly modeling a 1×4 and a 2×4 “block” of padding to act as some kind of “minimal cell furnishing”, so you can add a sitting or a sleeping area to your padded cell if you don’t want to simply be on the floor. I’ve modeled them on all sides so you can also remove the scripts and use them to build dividers or other padded things.

I was also suggested to make a “Horny Jail” (I ended up calling it like that, yeah, haha… thank you Tang for rotting my brain) bundle that includes the KDC padded cell and the KDC Warden straitjacket. So I did that, but also couldn’t resist adding a little something extra, so there is an exclusive “Horny Jail” Warden straitjacket skin in the bundle.

KDC Padded Cell : Horny Jail bundle

The “Horny Jail” skin is also available freely to my Patreon subscribers.

As usual, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace and at the KDC Main Store (10%off!).


The KDC Micro Bikini is released!

There will be an update for it very soon to add the non-fitmesh panties/crotch strap that I still need to re-weight properly, but everything else is good and ready for the KDC Micro Bikini release!

And as a bonus, (since this is the season), I’ve added a “candy-cane” red & white strap pattern for no good reason.

As usual, you can find it on the SecondLife Marketplace, or at the KDC Main Store (10% off!)

Happy spooktober! the Detcord Collar is out!

When the Major showed us this little “trick” we were both amazed by its simplicity, repulsed by its deviousness, and deeply concerned about the Major’s past assignments before his transfer.

Surely there was no chance for those vampires to escape containment this time…

The past two weeks were such a massive crunch getting everything ready in time for my “official” Halloween deadline. I was gonna post a little update yesterday due to some unexpected feature-creep I wanted to show off, but I ended up finishing deep into the night and it just wasn’t worth doing since I was going to post today anyway.

Without further due, a quick little feature breakdown:

  • Cuff binding poses, suspension, locking, accessories, the usual for a TB compatible item.
  • A completely new “main lock”, using the provided roll of tape, you can “wrap” the main locking point shut.
  • You can add more tape, as much as you want in fact.
  • All you need to unlock is to use the tape cutter and cut off each layer, one by one (time-consuming?).
  • Posing, suspensions & ‘normal’ chaining are done using the chain link that hangs from the detcord.
  • You can chain from the end of the M81 igniter too, but it actually is a pull-trigger, don’t try to pull on that leash or…

The explosion effect has a few configuration flags so you can turn it off completely, or change the “death” duration/severity.

As with previous years, my past Halloween projects are also rising from the grave!

And as with previous years, the Halloween projects are only available from October 15th to November 15th (Patreon supporters can get them all for free all year long)

As usual, you can pick those from the KDC Main Store, or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Happy Halloween everyone!

The KDC Narrow Cell is out!

KDC Narrow Cell product picture

It took longer than I would like (I always say this…) but here it is, the KDC Narrow Cell is out!

Function wise it has the same features as the full-size variant but comes with one additional theme inspired by one of my favorite Japanese artists and two window variants (as well as a windowless version) If you aren’t familiar with it already I’d recommend checking out the manual.

I’ve priced it a little lower than the full-size cell because well… it IS smaller and I expect people won’t find as much use for it, unless you are specifically looking for something not much bigger than an utility closet, or to save space. Despite being smaller it doesn’t really use less LI when placed, I’m sorry about that but there isn’t anything I can do about it without butchering the LODs.

As usual, you can find it at the KDC Main store (10% off and a live demo area) or on the SecondLife Marketplace.


The KDC Raider Harness Gag is out!

Raider Harness Gag

The “Quadruped assault unit” engineering team contracted KDC Industries to design the “Raider Harness Gag”, a flexible and sturdy piece of equipment to limit the potential damage caused by some of their more aggressive genetically engineered raiding units.

Long story short, they had a really bad biting problem and we designed the hardware to tame those wild beasts. The amount of drooling this gag harness causes is still an issue…

And here we are! After more than two months of work, I can proudly release this new addition to the KDC product line!

  • RLV locking
  • Speech garbling.
  • 8 base texture colors & 8 stitching colors.
  • 16 gag ball styles, 1 to 5 breathing holes, smooth, 8-ball, and a bunch more!
  • Fully editable in-world (good editing experience required there).
  • Drooling effect.
  • Etc…

I’m still fleshing out the manual (distinct lack of pictures at the time of this post), but it should be complete enough for release.

I hope you’ll like all the little details as much as I enjoyed obsessively making them.

As usual, you can find it on the Second Life Marketplace or from the KDC Main Store in dead realm (10% off).

Enjoy ✌

Fingerprint padlock re-release!

So yeah, it is still the Fingerprint Padlock, but I figured that given that I’ve updated its appearance, code, and product shots, I could consider this a “re-release”? The new reader is just better, and while it is pretty niche now with the keyless lock doing most of what you’d want, it is still an option, if you want one.

It’s also in 4 colors now, that’s something right? 😛

As usual, it is available from the Second Life Marketplace and the KDC Main Store (10%off!).

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