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Happy Halloween! The Witch’s Touch is released!

Happy Halloween - The witch's touch promo picture

Happy Halloween everyone! Despite being sick like a dog for nearly a week, I did manage to release just on time!

Time for one of my favorite festivities in the year, and an excellent excuse to inflict my extensive collection of zombie movies to friends, (who really would have preferred to watch a comedy that night :3)

Seriously, I have so many, send help…

As with every year, here is a little something unique, a little something special, to join the (growing) KDC Halloween collection.

The rules are the same as past years: You can browse the Halloween collection from October 15th to November 15th, not a day more, not a day less. (Patreon supporters are immune to that rule).

As usual, you can pick those from the KDC Main Store (10%off as usual), or from the SecondLife Marketplace.

Happy Halloween everyone !


I haven’t posted one of these in a while, but I do not remember ever being this sick before.

Things are stable at the moment, so don’t you worry too much ^_^.

Halloween claws in-world tests

Over the past couple days I’ve moved fairly quickly through both the low-poly modeling of the Halloween claws, but also UV unwrapping, and made all the LOD sub-models for the left & right-hand variant (that’s right, all by hand because I’m such a glutton for punishment). There was a few failed attempts due to fingers clipping through (on my avatar at least) and some weird shading oddities that, I believe, are all fixed now.

I’ve separated each claw and its respective retainer ring so that you can show/hide whatever you want to use or not (I don’t use the retainer rings when I’m wearing gloves for instance).

The current texture is really, really basic with a tiny bit of shading (tin-table texture) and a smooth normal map. I want to make a few variants next week, (as long as time allows for it). Something metallic, maybe some engraving? I don’t really want to make them too similar to last year’s.

That being said, suggestions are welcome.

New Halloween claw project started

The new Halloween claw project started well!

This is another claw set that I wanted to make, and it felt like too small of a project for the store “proper” so I’m making it this year’s Halloween project. These have a bit of an upward curve, which I think looks really feminine.

I’m probably going to make the finger ring hide-able because personally I will probably wear these over gloves, and that’s where those would be attached.

But the option of a ring to hold them in place is still nice.

Like the other ones, they attach to the middle of the finger, I was initially going to make an anchor point for the fingertip, or a full finger sleeve, but it would cause issues with finger posing.

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