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Ankle cuffs and some new pipe parts

I’ve started working on a much-needed update to the pipe kit, namely parallel pipe sections, both straight and curved, this is the 30 cm diameter version, with just enough space to put the flanges in, and some realistic space between them. I plan on making these for each pipe size since they all need a different amount of space. Not only that, but I might also add some other parts, I’m not entirely sure what else is urgently needed there.

Furthermore, I figured I’d also make a picture of all the remade pieces of the lined chrome set, just to prove that they are all different and unique, because the picture I’ve been posting the past couple weeks might give the wrong impression there.

Lined chrome wrist cuff update!

Lined chrome wrist cuff
A bit late (was due last week), but here is the updated lined chrome wrist cuff set in mesh!

The cuff code is also updated to the “no-standing when chained” feature.

I’m also deploying the RLV Activator 2.5 on all products from now on.

New store picture again, and as usual, current owners will receive a notification to pick up their update, for free.

For everyone else, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace or the KDC Main Store in-world, enjoy!

Lined chrome wrist cuffs remake on the way

I want to apologize for the lack of updates, my sleep cycle and mood have been pretty messed up since I came back from visiting my family on Easter. I’m working on getting everything back on track. In the meantime, I started working on the lined chrome wrist cuffs remake, I don’t have much to show, but they look really similar to the elbow cuffs anyway.

I have to pretty much redo each pair one by one as those are a bit less tolerant to resizing since there isn’t so many parts to them anymore.

The wrist cuffs are also noticeably thicker than the original, it started with the elbow cuffs, because I was accounting for resizing of the original sculpted prims, and I figured I might as well make it consistent across all cuffs, just to give me a little more wiggle room for fitting.

As a result, the collar is slightly thinner, maybe I’ll fix it, maybe I won’t?

Lined chrome elbow cuff update!

Lined chrome elbow cuff store picture

As if it wasn’t obvious from last post, it is time for a “major” Lined chrome elbow cuff update:

  • Remodeled from scratch, so they are waaay more optimized than the original prim and sculpt mixture, and look a lot nicer.
  • I finally added a suspension for those cuffs!
  • I added the “no-standing when chained” function that I mentioned previously as well as the self-suspension safety distance.
  • New store picture!

As usual, current owners will receive a notification to pick up their update, for free.

For everyone else, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace or the KDC Main Store in-world, enjoy!

Elbow cuffs!

Why would I do the elbow cuffs first? Well… I did not actually plan this, I picked the wrong reference model and only noticed when I was pretty much done with it.

These look so much better with actual holes…

The NEW Lined Chrome Collar is out!

Lined Chrome Collar
The new Lined Chrome Collar is out! New model! I even added some internal rivets in a last-minute addition, just because I could, and because it didn’t cost much more (in terms of polygons).

This is a free update as usual, so if you already own this product, the updater will notify you soon enough.

As usual, It’s on the Second Life Marketplace, and at the KDC main store!

New collar models are complete!

The new collar models are complete (collar body, D ring, triangle ring, round ring). The complexity only dropped by about half, despite only 1/5 of the triangle count.

Oh well, at least the locking mechanism looks much better, some of the click prims are now redundant, and it should be a LOT easier to edit.

I’ll try to update the product picture & push the update sometime tomorrow or Friday.

A bit more work on the Lined Chrome Collar remake

The Lined Chrome Collar remake is going well, I still have no idea how it will end up looking in-world. I’m thinking about adding a very simple material setup on the backing to enhance it a little compared to the original.

I did a few “fancy” renders to test it, it is a bit subtle, maybe too subtle, but it works.

I have also re-added some of the small details, like the surface rivets, the adjustment holes (actual holes this time!), and the locking post.

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