Lined chrome wrist cuff update!

Lined chrome wrist cuff
A bit late (was due last week), but here is the updated lined chrome wrist cuff set in mesh!

The cuff code is also updated to the “no-standing when chained” feature.

I’m also deploying the RLV Activator 2.5 on all products from now on.

New store picture again, and as usual, current owners will receive a notification to pick up their update, for free.

For everyone else, you can find these on the SecondLife Marketplace or the KDC Main Store in-world, enjoy!

2 Responses to “Lined chrome wrist cuff update!”

  • diane yowman:

    My lined chrome cuffs have become some how corrupted and won’t update as the cuff that seems to have deformed is the right one with the update script in it. How do i get this fixed since there is no redelivery?

  • This would be better in-world 😛 But I’m sending you a replacement set ASAP!

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