Where things are right now.

It took me a couple of days to finally fix that annoying bug where on relog chains could turn into suspensions if you stood in a spot that qualifies for a suspension. I’ve also given a beauty pass to the RLV activator, it uses symbols where text isn’t necessary (UTF characters really), and I tried to make the menus a bit more explicit in what they are doing.

I’ve also added to it a” function to stop all currently playing animations, this can break stuff (but not TouchBound products because of the TB animation manager), but it can also be helpful.

I’ve also added a safety feature that prevents the wearer of a TouchBound item from chaining themselves to an object further than ~2 meters away. This might be seen as a downgrade, but the main reason is to spare you the embarrassment of chaining yourself to a chaining point that you cannot reach anymore as soon as RLV kicks in. It will only affect the wearer obviously, and people playing with you won’t be affected by this restriction.

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  • Yardley Footman:

    I haven’t had a chance to check, but now that windlight is dead and Firestorm supports vision spheres, does the RLV hud/device support that now? And how does it manage the different levels?

    (I admit it was often a tough tradeoff: Have locks that worked, or have a blindfold that messed with my picture-taking.)

  • Yeah, it might finally be time to go environment settings package + vision spheres, at last.
    This is unrelated to the activator hud tho, but I’ve added it to my issues list (for some reason it wasn’t on it, oddly)

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